Assault, confusion, chaos, curfew

After the army launched the assault wednesday morning against the “camp” of Red Shirts (6 dead officially)… all hell broke loose.

Some protesters were treated like “terrorists”, indeed. Those pictures give an “echo” to what we saw in the South…

Was it over ?


Confusion. Rage. Protesters started to set buildings on fire (the big shopping mall Central World, the Stock Exchange, a TV station etc.). And rage extended to other cities.

The government decided a curfew in Bangok and 23 other provinces.

Abhisit has probably just earned a “place de choix” in History books…

Amnesty International : “Gross violation of a key human right- the right to life”

Thailand: Military must halt reckless use of lethal force

Thai soldiers must immediately stop firing live ammunition into several large areas in Bangkok where anti-government protesters are gathered, Amnesty International said today.

“Eye-witness accounts and video recordings show clearly that the military is firing live rounds at unarmed people who pose no threat whatsoever to the soldiers or to others,” said Benjamin Zawacki, Amnesty International’s Thailand specialist. “This is a gross violation of a key human right–the right to life”.

“Deliberately firing live ammunition at unarmed people, whether they be protesters or otherwise and who pose no credible threat to anyone else, is unlawful”, said Zawacki. (statement from Amnesty International)

Better late than never. The pressure is probably mounting on thai authorities. It might explains why the army didn’t launch the assault monday, after setting up a deadline for evacuation at 3 PM.

Let’s see if it’s only a pause, or a genuine truth in order to start again negociations.

It’s a war : continuous shootings

It’s amazing. There are fightings in several locations in Bangkok… But those are not skirmishes… It’s enough to read what a blogger hidding in the basement of the Dusit Thani hotel is writing in real time on his twitter page

Shootings… light…. heavy… different calibers… single shots…. bursts… grenades… the guy is a military… And it’s going on for 4 hours !

Pictures, videos, eyes witnesses, Internet… Real time. It changes everything.

The Red Shirts are going to be destroyed… you can count on the good will and on the skills of the fanatics and happy triggers AKA the thai soldiers… But it’s already a deal done : the thai authorities shot themselves, and not in the foot, but in the head.

Can you imagine Abhisit, still parading as “Prime Minister” ? Going to international meetings ? Speaking to the foreign press (he used to love it… CNN made his day) ? Even obscenity has some limits.

Of course not. Abhisit might be a political puppet, but he’s taking responsability, therefore he’s an accomplice at best, a murderer, a butcher at worst. Live and direct on TV. Need some makeup ? Where is the teleprompter ?

In both case, it’s not really good for reputation, for a young, talented, thai politician educated at Oxford.

Can you imagine Joe the Plumber who wanted to spend some holidays on the thai beaches, spending the money he doesn’t earn because he lost his job in the US, and his house ? Burma style instead… You bet he’s changing his plans leo leo…

Abhisit and the military apparatus are winning the battle (the massacre)… But they’re surely losing the… future.

The fiction of the Land Of Smile has imploded. The keywords that those orwellian clowns love to repeat over and over (“rule of law”, “democracy” etc.) like broken robots have deflated.

Thailand is now on the same map as Burma, Iran and North Korea… Those lovely “democratic” countries, champions of the “rule of law”… From time to time, the authorities shoot their own fellow citizens like dogs. It’s their trademark. Their “signe de reconnaissance”. Welcome to the club khun Abhisit. Don’t forget to pay your annual fee.

I repeat : Thailand = Burma, Iran, North Korea.

The fog of war is not anymore.

It’s Alice through the looking glass.

And it’s sickening.

Free shooting range : Abhisit is satisfied and wows to continue the repression

[snipers, from the thai army not from hypothetical “men in black” group, shooting at protesters… no mysterious “third hand” here…]

The gruesome death toll counter increases… Officially, 25 deads (all civilians, official read here), and 215wounded…

Areas of Bangkok have been turned into “live firing zones”. The army even posted some signs.

Meanwhile the monstruous and orwellian “Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation” continues to publish grotesque statements, like a pathetic albeit zealous child of Joseph Goebbels.

The Centre for Resolution of the Emergency Situation reported that there were four factors contributing to deaths and injuries: infighting among red-shirt guards; armed militants hidden among protesters; protesters were attacked by those unhappy with the movement; some casualties had resulted from troops defending themselves. (Nation)

They forgot a fifth factor : extraterrestrial lifeforms shooting at protesters ! Why they didn’t think about it ? All hell broke loose as far as common sense and decency are concerned.

And the pathetic spokesman, colonel Sansern, continues to lie, over and over again.

The army will use weapons only with armed groups and terrorists, Center for the Resolution of Emergency Situation’s spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said Sunday.

The army will never use weapons with innocent people. (Nation)

And meanwhile, Abhisit… feels good in his new symbolic military uniform. He’s satisfied. And he wows to continue the repression.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva last night defended the government’s protest-containment policy, arguing it was the best way to address Bangkok’s security situation.

The premier insisted there would be no turning back, although Natthawut Saikua, one of the protest leaders, asked for an immediate cease-fire and a return to the negotiating table. (Nation)

It smells… “mission accomplished”.

Well… we all know what usually follows such statement…

Abhisit has never been legitimate. But today, he lost everything else : credibility, humanity.

And he joined the hall of fame of thai criminals… full of inane generals, crazy soldiers, fanatics in military fatigues, dirty politicians, corrupted officials.

With his legendary smile on his face.

History will judge him.

[to follow the on going violences, you’ll find plenty news on Bangkok Pundit’s blog]

Second round : shootings, attempt of target killing, US and UK embassies close

After the grotesque “Road Map” blew off… reality is coming back with a vengeance.

The first round was on april 10 (26 deads). The second round started today with a string of events.

shooting and incidents at Lumpini : at least 1 dead, 10 wounded

-target assassination (attempt) of Seh Daeng (the “military” red leader). He was shot in the head by a snipper at Rajprasong tonight (CNN video here).
I guess it’s going to be difficult this time to accuse him of being the leader of the “men in black”, the famous “terrorists” who shot at protesters last month… I’m sure we can trust Abhisit to find a decent and logic explanation….

state of emergency extended to 15 provinces (while the security apparatus crushes the protesters in Bangkok, it’s important to prevent their “komrades” based up country to react)

-the US and the UK close their embassies.

-… foreign journalist reports more shooting tonight

Overall, It could be the “final” round…

Red as blood.

But the important point is to think about the “rule of law”, the “democracy” etc. The key words used over and over again by the government. And to trust the orwellian “Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation”.

Educated in the UK, Abhisit was a very good learner… “Road map”, Orwell, the Newspeak, thoughtcrime, the Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Love, and the Ministry of Truth… He knows the whole set…

It’s just -another- sad, and even tragic day for Thailand.

After medias, Kasit accuses now foreign diplomats

But unlike Droopy, Kasit is not happy.

Who is Kasit ? The alleged Foreign Minister.

His only function since december 2008 is to locate Thaksin around the globe. Foreign Minister ? “Where are you Thaksin” Minister is more appropriate.

For that matter, Kasit is a vulgar GPS. Although an expensive one.

He was ridiculed several times speaking about Interpol, visas etc. He got angry at several foreign countries for letting Thaksin in. And of course, he got angry too against foreign medias, culprits of undermining the Great Thailand, culprits of odious conspiracy and vicious support for Thaksin.

Each time, people are not listening to him, and even laugh at him.

Kasit has had his “15 minutes of fame” when he… participated to the occupation of Suvarnabhumi airport in november 2008. Yes, It sounds like a century ago. Yes he was a PAD supporter.

And in that time, Kasit was a “terrorist”. And he was charged in july 2009 (read here) !

Now the tables have turned, so he accuses other people of being “terrorists”.

Same old game.

Unable to see the difference between reasoning and ridicule, Kasit has just broken the limits again, at speed light… by attacking this time… foreign diplomats !

The crisis spilled into the diplomatic arena Thursday, with Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya censuring some foreign diplomats for meeting last week with Red Shirt leaders.

“We do not want to see that happening again,” Kasit told reporters during a visit to Jakarta, Indonesia. Kasit said he had earlier met with Philippine Ambassador Antonio V. Rodriguez, dean of the Bangkok diplomatic corps, to express his concern.

In a note to other diplomats based in Thailand, Rodriguez said Kasit accused some ambassadors of voicing opposition to the constitutional monarchy and criticizing the government’s handling of the crisis. Kasit was a public supporter of the Yellow Shirt movement before becoming foreign minister.

“These actions have gone beyond the limits of diplomatic practice and were unacceptable to the Thai government,” Rodriguez summarized Kasit as saying. “The envoys’ opposition to the government and to the monarchy was inappropriate and will not be tolerated.” (AP)

Next week  Kasit will tell us that :

-Thaksin has been seen on Coco Beach (Florida) having sex with a white elephant according to “neutral” eyes witnesses. But not sure… “we are waiting for reports”.

-and it’s now proven, some extraterrestrial lifeforms are culprits of a conspiracy to undermine the thai government. The government is working hard in order to bring them to justice.

-or : seditious ants, supporting Thaksin, will not be tolerated anymore. “I ask my fellow thais living in Issan to eat the ants with their soup, in order to suppress the insurgency”. 😉

The main problem of individuals like Kasit, AKA monomaniac, slightly paranoid, highly frustrated, is that, with their 2 and half neurons, they can’t understand that people might have other opinions, and that many countries around the world have laws that allow the free expression of those opinions.

Therefore : nobody gives a damn about what Kasit is thinking. Saying. Or doing.

Paranoia, mental disorder and propaganda : the Army discloses a plot against monarchy

Consider this image (click to read in english) :

And this one :

And the last one :

I guess, you see the obvious link. 😉

The CRES and army spokesman Col. Sansern gave a press conference that the red shirt leaders are part of a plot to overthrow the monarchy. Col Sansern states the red leaders are using false information with the intention of attacking the high institution which is loved and respected by all Thais […]

Then Col. Sansern distributed the below hand-out to journalists (Matichon, via Bangkok Pundit).

That’s the insane drawing you see on the first picture… Even without reading thai, I knew it would be scary. And indeed, after the translation provided by BP, It’s horrifying. Why ? Because It shows plain paranoia, extreme mental disorder, pure insanity (click on the image to read !)

I mean the guy who did this is seriously ill. He should spend some time in a mental institution.

But, Abhisit starts to show the same symptoms : surrounded by protesters, unable to move, highly frustrated, cut from real world (the alleged Prime Minister lives in a military base), he loses his nerves.

After the magic word (“terrorists”), he goes one step further by using the magic idea : “the plot against monarchy”.

Such old and pathetic trick…

But the scary thing is that Abhisit probably believes what he’s saying…

The bottom line is : everything is set for a major and violent episode.

Paranoia + isolation + feeling surrounded/attacked = confusion and danger.

A least… the US Army uses some colors. 😉

Thailand Crisis

Coup, Economic slowdown, Terror In the South... The situation is worsening in Thailand. Bumpy road like often before.

But this time, it's different.

The key to understand the present turmoil is the inevitable... succession of King Bhumibol.