Megaprojects : the mega delirium is back

Here we go again. The new prime minister Samak is fast to put forward the… “megaprojects”.

This circus was launched in late 2004 by Thaksin himself. And then rode again by the Junta after the Coup (read here, here and there)

So, let’s have a look at Samak’s grand new-old ideas (from Bangkok Post) :

-government will make megaprojects worth at least 500 billion baht its top priority

-plan to build an underground pipeline to divert water from the Mekong river
Under the plan water from the Mekong, which runs about 700 kilometres from Chiang Rai to Ubon Ratchathani along Thailand’s northern border, will be diverted through underground tunnels to Loei and Udon Thani, where reservoirs will act as distribution centres to send the water on to farms in other provinces during the dry season. The water will be transported through small pipelines.

-the extension of the skytrain by more than 100 kilometres to reach the outer suburbs of Bangkok.

-Other mass transportation development projects include the planned construction of nine more train lines and a plan to expand dual railway tracks from 3 700 to 7 400 kilometres.

And as usual : not a word… about financing. Who will pay ? And how ?

It’s the power of the verb : just say “megaprojects” and hundred of billions of THB will materialize.

Magic ! 😉

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