Samak : “eat less rice… so we can export more”

Another astonishing statement from the Prime Minister during his weekly TV-radio show.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej appealed to Thais nationwide to bear up under higher costs for rice – even to eat less if necessary, because higher prices help the farmers.

But he said all Thais should consider that higher prices mean that farmers are able to sell their rice stocks at more than double the usual price to exporters, and increase their income.

“‘If you sacrifice and pay more for rice – a bit more, not much more – it will benefit farmers,” he said. If necessary, eating a little less rice would let the farmers sell it at even higher prices for export. (Bangkok Post)

Let’s study what it means.

-“a bit more, not much more“… Samak is living on another planet. The prices increased by 10 to 30 % !

-“eat less so we can export more”. Samak aknowledges that the prices at export are higher compare to the domestic market, That there is an imbalance between production and consumption worldwide. And that it’s of course okay to… squeeze and milk foreign customers !

He forgets that the countries that need badly the thai rice right now… are developing countries (like Philippines, Pakistan, Iran etc.).

Rice is not a luxury… It’s basic food for hundreds of millions of -poor- people…

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