Lese-majeste at the cinema : “we have different ways of looking at things”

We start to have important details about the story of a thai charged with lese-majeste because he didn’t stand up during the royal anthem in a cinema last september (first story here).

Especially regarding the identity of thuis individual…

Mr Chotisak is a secretary of the September 19 Network against the Coup, and is a former deputy secretary-general of the Students Federation of Thailand.

Now, that’s a very big detail !

Other information : the other individual who asked Chotisak to stand up, went to the police soon after…

On Sept 25 Mr Nawamin asked police to press charges, but they did not call Mr Chotisak in to hear the charge until yesterday.

Therefore, it took the police more than 6 months… to proceed ! Hum… even by thai standards, that’s very long. 😉 Why now ? Why not last year ?

Then comes the really striking piece.

Mr Chotisak insisted he did nothing wrong and had no intention of offending His Majesty the King.

”To not rise [when the royal anthem is played] is not an offence against anyone. That’s what I think,” he said.

”We have different ways of looking at things.”

He said the public had the right to make a choice, whether to rise or not.

The right to make a choice according to one’s beliefs and faith was guaranteed by Articles 4 and 28 of the constitution.

Mr Chotisak called for Article 112 of the Criminal Code to be revoked. He said it imposes restrictions on the freedom of the people and had often been used against people with different political ideals. (Bangkok Post)

Chotisak… is really courageous. Impressive.

An article of Bangkok Post explains the origin of the tradition to stand up during the royal anthem.

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