South : 5 workers killed, 2 soldiers wounded

Five construction workers were shot dead and one wounded when gunmen opened fire in Pattani’s Yarang district as the crew were heading to work site, police said.

Authorities blamed the attack on Malay separatists in the restive region where about 3,000 have been died since January 2004.

A pedestrian from Yala on his way to Pattani said traffic was held up for several hours as soldiers launched a massive man hunt for the gunmen and remove the spikes on the road scattered by the insurgents as they were fleeing.

In a separate incident, a roadside bomb went off, injuring two soldiers conducting foot patrol with his unit in Narathiwat’s Joh I Rong district. Investigating officers who arrived at the scene were also lured by a mysterious about 300 meters away near a local train stop. The box was a fake bomb, a popular tactic employed by insurgents to divert authorities’ attention and slow down their work. (Nation)

You’ll notice the striking expression “malay separatists” ! I never read this in Nation.

What an irony… A few years ago… the “malay separatists” were “mafia“, “criminals“, “drug dealers“. After, they were upgraded to “terrorists“, then “insurgents“, “rebels“…

It’s interesting to follow the evolution of the words used by officials and the press.

That tells a lot.

Last point : the tactic of the secondary -but fake- explosive devices. Before, after a first bomb attack, a second bomb exploded after the arrival of security forces on the site, in order to create maximum chaos.

Now that the army knows this tactic… the insurgents (sorry the malay separatists)… do the same… but with fakes ! Must be a terrible fight of nerves.

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