Follow the mysterious epidemy of foreigners… falling from condos

People who follow closely the news related to Thailand and since long time, know that there is something rather strange here : many foreigners, apparently, choose to end their life… by jumping out the window.

A quick research around the world shows that jumping from a building is not the main mean for suicide. Far from it. Even though local specificities might influence the statistics (for instance, firearms are used a lot in USA, because they are easily available, etc).


2Bangkok has a good idea and gives the headlines of various “incidents”… from november 2007.

It would be very interesting to compile datas… before this date.

And to make it a special category on the blog.

1 Response to “Follow the mysterious epidemy of foreigners… falling from condos”

  1. 1 Brian Hansen 26 April 2008 at 3:06 am

    Yes Many people “jump” out of windoes – specieal in Pattaya. It is very interesed that people form the west – the rich part of the world – many times shows up to be a bit naiv. I stayed i Pattaya some years ago and I remember one poland guy how jump out of his windoe – I think it was from 5 floor. He suverive and get to the hospital. Ind the hospital he succes to jump from 11 floor.

    Many farangs come to Thailand – and they go dirct to a bar – in the place the meet a young nice women: “I just come to this bar” she sayed ” I never worked in a bar before it is the first time” But I have to pay for my family in Isan. The have no jobs and no monye – and our dog is allso sick – but you look nice I think I love!!”

    and the farang is very happy “WOW there is a wonen that loves me / and she comes from a small vilage – now I can local” the farang is thinking.

    So the women and the farang goes toghter. the time come when he have to go bac home. But it is no probloem becouse every month he will send monye to her. After 2 years he move down to Thailand to live with the women that realy loves him.
    But when he get therer – he still feel like he want to go to the bars – and he dont bring his girlfriend. one nigth he meet a very nice young women ” I just came here – I never worked in a bar before! and my famile have no monye, no house, the dog just died and the chicken is sick! and I think I love you!!” the wonen sayed

    So the Farang go home to the condo where he stay with his girlfriend. He feel like he have to tell her that they have to end there relationship. She is not happy – but ask him to wait and wait for her brother to come so they can talk about it.

    The brohter coma and all 3 of them sit down and have a small drink – just to talk about things. The Farang wnt to sell the Condo, the TV and the moterbike. The wonen and her @brother@ dont like ths. So they put some pills in his drinks. Soon the farang is sleeping. They take off all his shirt, his trousers – and then they trow him of the balcony.

    Hi never found out the his wonen was allready marrigt – and he was to stupid to know that most bargirls have a Thaihusbond. The Farang is just anogther one who miscaukulate Thaland.

    This is a bit like if you have a Japanesetourist come to USA. The first place he go to knock the door – is on Hells Angels house. “Becouse they are SO sweet – they allways give beers and they allways have good buisnes to do with me” The japanese man sayed – before he ws shout dead.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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