Oil crisis : public transport companies threaten to go on strike

Economy 101 here we go again.The governement, constantly, refuses to allow the transport companies to increase their fares.

Even if you are a public company, you can’t operate… for ever… loosing money day after day !

But the government has absolutly no alternative (or creative) answers to address this problem. It just says no.

Meanwhile, prices of gasoline continue to go up…

Now it’s back fire time… The companies threaten to go on strike !

Public bus operators are demanding another price hike. This time they’ve also threatened to go on strike if the Transport Ministry doesn’t approve the fare hike request.

Public transport operators are also looking to request for another fare hike.

Thai Bus Business Association president Pichet Jiamburaset reveals the association will submit an official petition for a fare hike today. Pichet says this will be the last time the association will ask the government for help. If the Transport Ministry fails to give the go ahead for the fare increase, Pichet says the association will be forced to stop operating because they are not making enough money to buy fuel.

Transport Company Limited is asking for a raise of 9 satang per kilometer, while the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority is asking for 1.5 – 2 baht per kilometer raise.

Transport Company Limited provides intercity bus services, in coordination with private entrepreneurs nationwide.

Meanwhile Vice President of the Thai Boat Association, Parinya Rakwa-thin says he will submit a petition for an increase in ferry fares to the Transport Ministry on behalf of other Thai ferry operators. Parinya says the government had promised to allow ferry operators to raise fares by 2 baht if diesel exceeds 31 baht per liter. Parinya calls for the government to provide ferry operators with sources for cheap fuel if they won’t give the green light to the price hike. (TO)

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