The Samak’s Lunacy of the Day : be careful when showing thai flag

Samak had a very busy day yesterday.

First, he received at home his very good and old friend the PM of Burma (you know the country where the government shoots the monks in the streets like rats)… He even cooked for him a good dinner.

And then, Samak (who is looking to break the world record of the number of Lunacy Per Day), spoke firmly about a new and very important national matter (even national security, we could argue).

Many Thais, including Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, were upset for another reason _ seeing a national flag bearing his name hanging at the stadium.

The flag with Mr Thaksin’s name on it became a hot topic yesterday after a picture of it appeared in the Matichon newspaper. The focus was on whether it was appropriate. The prime minister felt it was not and called for an explanation from Mr Thaksin.

”It is inappropriate,” Mr Samak said at Government House.

”It must not happen again.”
(Bangkok Post)

Bravo to our Prime Minister. Once again, Thailand looks… ridiculous.

I really do hope that the supporters will show more thai flags during the next match, so Mister Samak can understand -once and for all- that no one is giving a rat shit about what he thinks is “appropriate” or “inappropriate“. Particularily : outside Thailand. 😉

1 Response to “The Samak’s Lunacy of the Day : be careful when showing thai flag”

  1. 1 loris Ipanoff 1 May 2008 at 12:22 am

    Much ado about nothing….like you say, who cares outside Thailand.They make big things out of little things.All this bickering from the past few years seems about two very important persons in the kingdom. One has to go and one side will do anything to get want they want.As for receiving the Thug from Burma,what did you expect in a militaristic,and to a point semi feudal country.

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