Burma : “The King said that too much democracy was not good”

Last week, the Prime Minister of Burma, the General Thein Sein visited Thailand. Prime Minister Samak prepared a diner for him (they are apparently good friends). And last but not least… he “paid courtesy call” and went to see the King.

The following quote is from the New Light of Myanmar (link here). It’s easy to assume that this “newspaper” is nothing but the Pravda during the good old times of the USSR…

Concerning democratization process, the Thai King said the examples of some western powers stood witness to the fact that too much democracy was not good. So much talk and less work was not either. The western big nations accused Thailand of being weak in exercising democracy. The democracy being practised by Thailand was better than the one they were practising.
He added that Myanmar was rich in natural resources and close cooperation between Myanmar and Thailand would contribute to the benefits of the two nations.

It’s difficult to imagine that the editor at the New Light of Myanmar wrote something that was not approved by the burmese governement.

To this day, the thai officials didn’t publish any statement to deny the content of the burmese article.

Last september, the burmese Junta ordered to shoot at the monks, that were protesting.

2 Responses to “Burma : “The King said that too much democracy was not good””

  1. 1 loris Ipanoff 7 May 2008 at 1:57 pm

    A statement like this would be expected from someone in that position..

  2. 2 thaicrisis 8 May 2008 at 12:46 am

    We will probably never know. The truth.

    If the burmese side has “changed” the story, the thai side is unlikely to deny it, at least in public… That’s the charm of asian diplomacy…

    However, we can say -with no doubt- that Thailand supports Burmese Junta.

    It was true with Thaksin (for business purposes, story of the loan given by Thailand to buy… telecommunications gears from… Thaksin), then with the Junta (generals are friends with generals)… then with Samak government (Samak saying after the shooting of the monks that “killings were normal” and the dictators were good buddhists, official visit from the burmese PM and a good thai dinner at Samak’s house)…

    Plus the fact that Thailand is the main trade partner from Burma (on legal trade and illegal trade), etc. Plus the issue of energy (Thailand just can’t give up the burma’s gas).

    This is what we can call a conclusive string of proofs…

    Now, those ideas might be shared by the King (like stated by Burma).

    Or not.

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