South, “quell unrest next year” : “it’s good to set deadline”

The good point with generals -whatever their country, their side, their time- is that when they are loosing… they often react in the same way, with the same words.

Take for instance General Anupong, the Army Chief.

In a very bold move, he has set up a deadline.

He has set the army an ambitious target of quelling the southern violence and bringing the area under control by next year, an army source said yesterday (Bangkok Post)

Hum. Now, that’s impressive. Since 4 years, the thai security forces are ridiculed, a total of 2 700 people were killed, 8 000 wounded… but the General Anupong wants to solve the issue in one year.

One question arises : why one year ? What are the operational datas/informations that allow General Anupong to set such deadline ?

According to the source, Gen Anupong’s timeline announcement is part of a strategy to strengthen soldiers’ motivation and change their current mindset, which is that the situation cannot be improved for the time being and will take decades to solve.

”Despite the tough task, it is necessary to set the troops a goal,’‘ the source said. ”Otherwise they will lack a sense of purpose under the mistaken impression the violence will drag on without any effective remedy for a couple more decades.

It is important to set deadlines so that the soldiers reach the desired goal within a fixed timeframe.”

It’s useless to comment furthermore…

With such generals in their tight uniform….the separatist, rebels, terrorists in the South (whatever you wish to call them)…. have indeed a rozy and bright future.

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