Alcohol in buddhist temples : from a moral issue, to… a legal issue

One step further toward the Sharia. Ironic in a buddhist country like Thailand.

Director of the Office of National Buddhism Amnat Buasiri revealed that the office has distributed a memo to all Buddhist offices throughout the nation so that they may inform abbots in over 34 000 temples in the country of new regulations. The regulations were prompted by the issuance of a new Alcohol Bill which prohibits the consumption, sale and even presence of alcohol form all religious sites.

The office has reminded all temples that before the consumption and presence of alcohol on religious premises may have been a moral issue but now it will be a legal and prosecutable matter. (PRD)

Before it was wrong (from a moral and religious point of view). From now on it will be forbidden. From a legal point of view.

Without any doubt, it’s what we can call progress. 😉

I’m wondering when the thai people will tell all those “authorities” to go to… hell.

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