Chart, oil : sales of gasoline, diesel and LPG, per quarter

It’s time to have a look at sales of fuels.

Statistics are provided by Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO).

I took the table 2-3-4 : “Sale of Petroleum Products (Barrel/Day)“.

The figures are given per month, per type of fuel, barrels per day. I summarized to get the figures per quarter, and then divided by 3.


GASOLINE (regular + premium). Premium = gasohol (E10, E20 = gasoline with 10 or 20 % of ethanol)



-The consumption of gasoline doesn’t evolve a lot. What changes is the composition : regular gasoline is going down, “premium” (U95 and gasohol E10 and E20) is going up.

-Diesel : stable, no real evolution since 2006.

-LPG : the big winner. A 50 % increase in 2 years.

-overall : sales of fuels for vehicles continue to grow, very slowly but surely, even though we have changes regarding the type of fuels used.

-I just want to remind one capital data : in average, 50 000 cars and 130 000 motorcycles are sold every month in Thailand.

-the oil crisis, at that point, didn’t curb this trend.

Something is missing : compressed natural gas (called NGV, for “Natural Gas for Vehicles“).

I can’t find the datas of consumption. But we have interesting -albeit contradictory- infos given by Bangkok Post and TOC.

EPPO also said that 72,950 vehicles were now using compressed natural gas.

It said the Energy Ministry’s policy to offer tax exemptions to operators of NGV service stations will help increase the number of stations to 320 by year-end from 187 at present.

Currently, NGV consumption is averaging 57.9 million cubic feet daily. (Bangkok Post)

Meanwhile, the installation of NGV systems in vehicles has been received with great interest with more than 72,000 vehicles being installed with NGV engines last year. There are currently 187 NGV gas stations, and the number is expected to increase to 320 stations this year. (TOC)

What is striking is the very small number of NGV stations. And it recoups my observations on the ground : we can see since a few months amazing queues at the NGV stations in Bangkok.

That’s the very weak point of NGV : it’s a fuel for cities. The cost to deploy a network of stations upcountry is just too high. This is why also, NGV for long distance buses (BKK<>upcountry) doesn’t look doable.

It’s ironic in a way : NGV reduces the fuel costs of people who need it less, compare to the very low income people up country.

[ fuels costs will remain a big issue. If you have other datas or infos to share, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail]

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