Mega-Projects, mega laugh : financings schemes have been… changed

May 6
The Public Debt Management Office revealed the first financing scheme -rough and vague- for the so called Mega-Projects.

-18 % will be borrowed on the domestic market
-14 % will be borrowed overseas
-29 % will come from the annual budget of the government
-8 % will come from the retained earnings of state entreprises

But problem… 31 % were unaccounted for ! The guys at the PDMO have some problems with their computers (the copies of Vista are not doing good).

But mai pen rai, issues are made to be solved, particularily in Thailand.

May 13
The same PDMO has changed… a little bit the story. I mean its story.

Mr Pongpanu said that for the mass-transit projects, 37% of the financing would come from the domestic market, 33% from the foreign capital market, 20% from public-private partnerships and the rest from the government budget and JBIC loans. (Bangkok Post)


29 % from the government budget” before… were transmutated into “the rest… with JBIC” at 10 %. Easy.

The “domestic market” goes from 18 to 37 %. No problem.

And those damned farangs… are promoted at 33 % ! From 14 %. A whooping increase. Piece of cake.

However, I would like to remind the PDMO that the JBIC is a japanese bank… therefore their loans should go into the “overseas” line, no into “the rest“.

Anyway. Next week we could have a new scheme. With “extraterrestrial entities”.

They might be willing to invest into the Mega-Projects, no ?

Mega-Projects ? The Mega-Laugh continues.

[because the Mega-Projects are going to entertain us… for a very long time… I’ve created a special category. It will allow you to follow the past of this true Saga, and its… future. 😉 I work for history]

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