Chart, credit cards : total number and volume spent, until march 2008

Here is an update of my chart about credit cards (source BOT).

[The BOT has totally revamped its website… it means ALL the previous links are not working anymore ! Plus, they changed all the tables number (what a great idea…), deleted some series, added new ones… it’s a real mess. I’m going to need time to find again the datas, anyway]

This chart shows the total number of credit cards (outstanding number, end of period) on the left scale, and the number of newly issued cards per month (total of month minus total of month -1), on the right scale.

After a weak january and february (- 15 000 accounts in total), march is going up again with 78 968 new credit card accounts (like december).

However, it’s important to note that 85 % of these were issued by “Non banks”. Commercial and foreign banks issued just 11 000 new cards.

Total usage volume (domestic, abroad and cash advances) per month
In billions THB (left scale) and with the % of growth year-on-year.

80,14 billions THB were spent in march, a +13,88 % compare to march 2007.

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