Monarchymania : hysteria and political agenda

What’s going on ? Here are 3 headlines, from Nation today.

1 Leave monarchy out of politics, says Surayud. Privy councillor Surayud Chulanont yesterday called on rival sides not to invoke the monarchy

The ex Prime Minister of the Junta must be bored. Nothing to do anymore.

2 The Democrat Party Monday urged the Information and Communication Technology Ministry to shut down or block access to 29 websites which have allegedly published comments or articled deemed insulting to the Monarchy.

This party is always at the avant-garde of stupidity and censorship… ah ah ah “democrats” yeah sure. People are fighting inflation, but the Democrats are fighting the “enemies of monarchy” and some “websites”. Another wide gap… Keep the good job, boys.

3 Navy chief urges media to boycott politicians who involve monarchy in politics

Another general in his tight white uniform who thinks that the army is the center of the -known- world, and that he’s living at the end of 18th century…

As you can see, it’s obvious. Some people are launching a political offensive, toying with the idea of “defense of the monarchy against its enemies”.

Actually, this campaign started a few weeks ago.

Why it could be a problem ? In Thailand, when they start to call for the “defense of the monarchy” and the “defense of the sacred land”… then you can assume that the shit is about to hit the fan.

[sorry, I’m in a really bad mood today.]

4 Responses to “Monarchymania : hysteria and political agenda”

  1. 1 fall 19 May 2008 at 11:23 am

    “2 The Democrat Party Monday urged the Information and Communication Technology Ministry to shut down”

    The first website in their list is Prachathai. And that website is the only few site with worthwhile content and interview, much more than regular run-off-the-propaganda-mill media. If I had not known better, I would say there’s a conspiracy theory in media intent to keep the journalistic quality to the minimum and oligopolize free press.

    IMO, the “we will fight for the king” card and sentimental momentum had been played by Sonthi L. Dont think it would have as much effect this time, may be a backfire even. Unless the military pull their muscle on this one, it’ll only be smack talk.

  2. 2 wisekwai 19 May 2008 at 11:28 am

    It’s a paradox.

    They invoke the monarchy by calling for a ban on invoking the monarchy.

  3. 3 Reg Varney 19 May 2008 at 1:11 pm

    They are scared witless. It shows that the monarchy does not have the support that they always claim it has.

  4. 4 thaicrisis 19 May 2008 at 8:02 pm

    -> Fall. I don’t agree. It’s much more than “sentimental”… or some actions coming from a groupe of old gentlemen having together a cup of tea.

    This campaign is very serious.

    I would agree with Reg : many people start to understand that… the monarchy is in bad shape. The futur is really uncertain. Everybody in Thailand know the prophecy… King Rama IX would be the last king…

    I start to think that it will be a self fulfilled prophecy. Even if you don’t jump into the thai mystique and their love for supernatural… it’s obvious that the next king… won’t be able to have the same vista, the same power than King Bhumibol.

    There are clearly high political risks for the royalists… Bad times. With one very important thing on the horizon : the succession.

    Meanwhile, other forces (“Thaksin” to make a generalization) are still very strong…

    Therefore, the clash is unavoidable…

    And there is nothing more dangerous than a royalist who feels “trapped” or “in danger”. Remember 1976 ?

    This is why I don’t like those calls… This campaign is really a bad sign in my opinion.

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