Workers of private sector ask for higher minimum wages

… Following the “gift” from the government to 300 000 low rank civil servants (a special allowance of 500 to 600 THB per month, read here)… workers of private sector start to… move.

It’s Economy 101. And the pressures are likely to increase.

Higher wages will fuel more inflation… vicious circle.

The inflation tsunami is on the move.

A group of labour activists planned to rally an estimated 1,000 demonstrators outside Government House Tuesday to urge the Samak Administration to raise the minimum wage for employees in the private sector, contain the surging prices of basic merchandise and supply goods directly to the low-income wage earners.

Wilaiwan Sae Tia, leader of the so-called Reconciliatory Labour Network of Thailand, said about 1,000 labourers will march from the Democracy Monument on Rajdamnern Avenue to Government House where they plan to rally peacefully Tuesday.

The protesters will call on the Samak government to increase the minimum wage for all employees in the private sector, following the 500-baht monthly grant in living allowance for government personnel nationwide. (TNA)
Labour unions begin to demand allowances as employees feel pinch

Spiralling inflation is depleting the purchasing power of money in people’s pockets.

Transportation costs are growing, with no end in sight to rising fuel prices, and with every meal, food is costing more. As well, people are haunted by concern over their ability to afford life’s other essentials.

A survey by The Nation has found that many of Thailand’s employers, in a bid to help their employees cope, are adding cost-of-living allowances of between Bt600 and Bt2,800 to monthly salaries.

PTT labour-union chief Natakorn Kaewdee said PTT’s executives would meet tomorrow to discuss the union’s request for cost-of-living allowances of up to 6 per cent of salaries, or Bt5,000 per month, to employees up to C9 level. (Nation)

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