Censorship : Democrat Party accuses 29 websites of lese-majeste

Democrat assistant secretarygeneral MP Thepthai Senpong Tuesday revealed the 29 websites with content deemed harmful to the monarchy.

He said the first five listed websites were extremely damaging as they were aimed at toppling the monarchy. The other 24 websites were negligent in keep an eye on content and comments posted on their websites. (Nation)

The Interior Minister said that he will investigate (read here).

What are seeking the Democrats ? Are they really shocked ? And why now (some really offensive videos against the King… exist on YouTube since several months, easy to check the dates on the website…) ?

For instance : http://uk.youtube.com/profile?user=15yearsprison

Or have they a political agenda ? Do they use the thai monarchy as… a tool ?

Furthermore, do they understand that by launching this campaign, they give a huge publicity to those websites and videos ? ! Really huge…

And if some videos or messages are clearly offensive and insulting, other are just… political. And YouTube doesn’t -usually- censor political videos

The bottom line is : once again, this party (allegedly managed by Abhisit, young and brillant politician educated in the UK…) seems to live on another planet. Thai people have real problems in their daily life… they certainly don’t care about some websites.

Here is the list :

1. youtube.com/user/StopLeseMajeste [extremely offensive]

2. http://www.2519me.com

3. http://hellosiam.blogspot.com


5. http://chakridynasty.googlepages.com

6. http://www.midnightuniv.org/

7. http://www.sameskybooks.org/

8. http://www.prachatai.com/05/th/home/

9. http://www.newskythailand.com


11. http://www.sapaprachachon.blogspot.com/

12. http://www.pccthai.com/web2/

13. http://www.datopido.newsit.es/

14. http://www.serichon.com/

15. http://www.Sapaprachachon.org/index.thml

16. http://s125.photobucket.com/albums/p73/nicolejung99/?

17. http://www.weloveudon.net/

18. http://www.mvnews.net/home.php

19. http://www.cptradio.com/

20. http://www.thaipeoplevoice.org/

21. http://www.nationsiam.com/frontpage/Itemid,1/

22. http://www.arayachon.org/

23. http://www.siamreview.net/

24. http://www.warotah.blogspot.com/

25. http://www.killerpress.wordpress.com/

26. http://www.gunner2007.wordpress.com/

27. http://www.tltglobal.com/web/

28. http://thaijournalistdemocraticfront.com/


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