29 Websites Saga : to be banned ? Or Not ?

Here is the latest episode of the “29 websites accused of lese-majeste” Saga (for the previous stories… click here).

Report of Matichon (thai newspaper, translation provided by Bangkok Pundit)

Mr. Man [IT Minister] stated that on the policy of closing websites for lese majeste there has been an order from “high above” that there should not be any banning of any websites and information should be distributed in an open and free manner because foreigners don’t understand the closing of websites in Thailand and might look at it negatively.

Meeting of the cabinet.

Interior Minister Chalerm Yubamrung threatened legal action against the operators of websites posting information that challenges the monarchy. Mr Chalerm presented the cabinet with a report on his inquiry into inappropriate websites.

This followed a complaint by the opposition Democrat party about the websites a few weeks ago.

Mr Chalerm said his ministry had worked closely with police to inspect the sites and found that 29 websites currently posted improper information. The sites would be shut down or blocked shortly.

He said 22 were based in Thailand while the others were overseas-based.

He said so far he has tracked down the webmasters of 27 sites and had talks with them to make them understand that releasing such inappropriate information via their websites was a legal offence, regardless of its origin.

Violators would be charged with conspiracy and punished under security-related laws, he said

So… as you can see, it’s a real flying circus. No consistency. At all.

Let’s explore some hypothesis :
-the thai newspaper is totally lunatic, and have badly distorted the Minister’s words.

-the IT Minister is totally lunatic, and changes his mind on a daily basis (depending on the weather)

-the IT Minister is not lunatic : he just changes his statements, depending on who he’s speaking to !
To the cabinet, it’s good to say that “conspiracy”, “actions needed”, “lese-majeste… horrible” blablabla. And to the thai public, it’s better to say “no problem, everything will be fine, a very important person told me no to ban those websites” blablabla…

If you see other solutions, let me know. šŸ˜‰

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