Army Chief : “return to base immediately”

After the coup rumors (on a daily basis, read here)… the psyop war is going one step further…

The abrupt return to Bangkok of First Army chief Lt-Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha from his European trip underscores growing unease in the military about the political temperature.

Fearing possible violence, army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda ordered Lt-Gen Prayuth to cut short his journey overseas with the National Defence College, an army source said.

He had originally been planning to return home this weekend, but his abrupt return was seen at army headquarters yesterday. (Bangkok Post)

So… gross psyop with heavy political meaning ? Or the generals are living in such a dream world that, indeed, they honestly believe that the country is on the verge of civil war… and therefore because the army is the pillar of the nation (sorry… one of the pillars) they must be ready to… intervene ?

The Flying Thai Circus continues. Full speed. 😉

2 Responses to “Army Chief : “return to base immediately””

  1. 1 loris Ipanoff 29 May 2008 at 3:59 am

    The army seems to be the pillar of the country,what would they do without an army to keep order, what order? One has seen what they can do last year….

  2. 2 thaichris 29 May 2008 at 6:59 am

    I don’t think they achieved a lot. The old TRT/PPP is in command again, the big one is on promotion tour nd the army didn’t achieve any of there goals.

    Fighting corruption ? … just a joke. Need a license, need a document, need a business, need anything – jut pay for it.

    Put justice on the big one ? … he is richer than ever before. and he is more clever (most of the time) than before. So now, he is a real threat. He will not repeate all his mistakes (maybee some of them) and therefore untouchable.

    Any other goals they had? Not really. It was like Bush going to Irak. Knowing how to get in, but no plans what to do there and how to get out.

    Oh yeah, it’s a pillar, one of some. But the quality of the pillar shows the maturity of the pillars of the thai society. It’s JOKE country and the army contribuets there part.

    Time of the population to take command and bring down the pillars. But as I experienced this country for the last 30 years, this will never happen. The only chance is a new man with the ethics of General Prem (an un-typical army man my the way). Only individuals like him or Kukrit will ever bring this country forward.

    Until then, lets just enjoy the good weaher, the delicious food and the jokes published on a daily base in the newspaper’s front pages.

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