Samak belongs to the past… symbol of a Thailand which no longer exists

I’m not usually a big fan of Bangkok Post’s editorials… But I like this one.

It’s a very good portrait of the infamous Samak, the current “Prime Minister”.

Indeed, this man is a symbol of the past, a bad past. Anyway, at 72 years old, and because of the current situation, he’s likely to be quickly forgotten… and to finish into the history’s… garbages.

Where, surely, he belongs…

[to read his infamous statements : burmese dicators are good budhists, “killings are normal“, only 1 dead in 1976, “if they were innocent why were they killed“, Aung San Suu Kyi is married to a foreigner so…, his grotesque lunacies, his seizures of memory losses alzheimer type… his obsession with thai flags… his pathetic self illusion of grandeur, etc. The guy is a champion. World class… ]

What I found revealing was how the PM spent most of his speech blasting the opposition leader for suffering the insolence of youth in making an inquiry into an event that occurred when he was only a child and in daring to question him, who was much older and now a phuyai in the seat of power.

Obviously not wanting to have to deign to answer Mr Abhisit’s questions, the 72-year-old PM reproached: “These days, it is probably considered chic and cool for kids to show disrespect towards elders, to openly question their wisdom and action.”

That somehow summarised how PM Samak’s logic works and that’s about all he cares – conformity to the phuyai-ruled and phuyai-knows-best norms.

PM Samak has the kind of mindset and attitude that belongs in the past, in the older, more tradition-bound version of Thailand which no longer exists. Today, merit is becoming as important, or even more so, than seniority.

You get by in your job not because you are old enough, but because you are proven to be good at it. PM Samak won’t get this. He will find the notion unbearably arrogant.

The single fact that PM Samak is behind the times and cannot keep up with the realities of the ever-changing world of today, has manifest itself in the many failures, mistakes and gaffes that he has managed to make during a relatively short time: Praising the Burmese junta as good Buddhists; the many insults to members of the press corps and the tendency to blame them for whatever goes wrong; freelancing as host of commercial TV cooking shows while the country’s more pressing problems remain unsolved; the out-of-place and irresponsible remark about two banks being in trouble which caused a small run on one bank… The embarrassing list is long and sure to grow even longer. [to read the whole article, click here]

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