Thai magic : 277 503 Russians… became 889 656

An hilarious “article” in the Pattaya Daily News about so called “foreign investors” that would be “still optimistic about Pattaya“. Hilarious piece from the boiler room, with plenty of real estate (“prestigious” of course).

The paper has one ultimate weapon : the Russians. The invasion of Russians, I should say. They are the new suckers (sorry, “investors“) for the Dump (AKA Pattaya). Rumors say that they have plenty of money, and very bad taste (but that’s okay for Pattaya, it’s even a proof of good faith). Anyway.

In 2007, 889,656 Russians visited Pattaya, up 84 per cent from 2006, making them the leading market for the resort. According to Raimon Land’s CEO, Nigel Cornick’s recent edition of the definitive property guide “Why invest…… Pattaya”, the Russians and Scandinavians have now displaced the Brits and Germans as the main property investors in Pattaya, which is particularly good news for developers in this fair city.

Let’s go on TAT’s website (Tourism Authority of Thailand). The figures from Immigration show that… 277 503 Russians arrived in Thailand in 2007 (total airports + sea + land borders), an increase of 47 % compare to 2006.


It’s the thai magic. Or Thai Applied Maths.

It’s difficult to imagine that one russian tourist would go 3,20 times in Pattaya during his stay in Thailand. Or that many of them are illegal immigrants. Albeit… 😉

[I’m going to buy the definitive property guide “Why invest…… Pattaya” from Nigel Cornick. It seems so “definitive” that I feel I could learn something ] 😉

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