Costs of mega projects : 10 or 20 % increase ?

13 may
Rising labour, concrete, steel and materials prices could push cost estimates for the country’s planned mass-transit projects up as much as 20%, ac
cording to Finance Ministry officials. (read here)

9 june
The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister insist on moving forward on the mega-projects, regardless of a higher cost of about ten per cent due to the rising oil price.

That’s the good point with Thailand : there is a huge freedom with… figures.


They can double, or be divided by 2, in less than one month. Particularily with… those famous mega projects. It’s magic.

By the way…. beginning may oil was between 114 and 124 USD… now it’s 134… hum…

We might have a solution : 50-50. So let’s make it a 15 % increase. 😉

The cabinet on Tuesday sent a budget request for the new Purple Line train back to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand because it was too low, MRTA Governor Prapat Chonngsanguan said.

The MRTA had asked for an additional 15 per cent, raising its budget request to 36 billion baht for the commuter railway. But the cabinet wants the MRTA to consider the proposal in greater detail, said Mr Prapat after the meeting. (Bangkok Post)

It’s +16 %. Official. At least for the Purple Line.

Government on Tuesday approved the increase in budget to construct the Purple Line rail project. The budget is increased to 36 billion baht from 31 billion baht, according to government spokesman Vichienchote Sukchotirat.
The increase of the budget is to meet with the rising of construction cost.
The 23-kilometre elevated line runs from Bang Sue to Bang Yai. It is due to start service by 2012.
(Bangkok Post)

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