Taxis fares : increase of 11 %

The increase of taxis fares (frozen since 1996 !) was a certainty. They talked about it in details, last december (read here).

The only valid question was : how much ?

Anyway, we can see the great success of the “postponement-head-into-the-sand policy” of the government related to prices and prices controls… We saved 6 months. This is highly significant… 😉

The Transport Ministry has given the greenlight to an increase in the flag fall for metred taxi cabs in Bangkok, which will see the 35 baht fee cover only the first kilometre instead of the current two, in the face of ever-rising gas prices.

Deputy Transport Minister Songsak Thongsri said the ministry had approved the fare increase requested by representatives of taxi drivers.

Under the new fare structure, the 35 baht flag fall is valid for the first kilometre of a trip, after which each kilometre will be 50 satang dearer than now.

The fare rise amouts to about a 15 per cent increase.

The new fare structure will be discussed with the Transport Minister Santi Prompat to designate a date in which it will become effective. (TNA)

Right now, the 35 THB cover 2 km. And the price after is 4,5 THB per km.

So basically, the increase for the flag fall is 7 % (to cover the same first 2 km you’ll pay 35 + 2,5 = 37,50).

And then, we have an increase of 11 % after (from 4,5 to 5 THB per km).

Bangkok Post has more details on the fares after 12 km.

The fare will be five baht a kilometre between the second and the 12th kilometres, 5.50 baht a kilometre between the 12th and 20th kilometres, six baht a kilometre between the 20th and 40th kilometres, 6.50 baht a kilometre between the 40th and 60th kilometres, 7.50 baht a kilometre between the 60th and 80th kilometres and 8.50 baht a kilometre beyond that.

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