Chart : exports rice, volume and value, until april 2008

Datas for exports in april have been published (source BOT).

Here is an update of the chart about exports of rice (value in millions USD and volume in metric tons).

Compared with the previous month, we have -12 % in volume, but a +6 % in value (normal, the prices continued to increase in april).

Now if we compare year-on-year (april 2007), we have +62 % in volume and a whooping +137 % in value. đŸ˜‰

What about the “rice crisis” ? Well… we don’t speak about it anymore.

The new crops have curbed the emotion worldwide, and some countries have removed their ban on exports… So the prices went down.

However, rice remains an issue in Thailand. The government has decided a very generous -and controversial (read here)- program to subsidy the prices paid to farmers. I will follow up with another article.

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