Fortune teller : “July 2 is the scariest day of all in the past 30 years”

Famous fortune-teller Luck Rekhanitade predicted deadly situation will happen on July 2, the day that ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra said political situation would improve based on astrology.

Mr Luck said July 2 is the scariest day of all in the past 30 years because conflicts are expected to erupt, which could lead to bloodshed in the heart of the city.

The situation is predicted to reach its peak on July 6, he said.

He urged the Thais to reunite and to stop the confrontation in order to prevent the prediction from coming true.

On Monday, Mr Thaksin blamed the alignment of planets for current economic and political woes. “Be patient until July 2. When Mars leaves, the situation will improve,” he said. (Bangkok Post)

More details with Nation about what Thaksin said :

“On June 21, Mars will be moving away,” Thaksin said.

In astrology, Mars is the god of war and represents soldiers and weapons.

“After July 2, confusion in the country will ease. Let’s be patient. We will have headaches until July 2,” he said. “My moral support is for Thai people suffering from problems.”

This also why we love Thailand. 😉

1 Response to “Fortune teller : “July 2 is the scariest day of all in the past 30 years””

  1. 1 chinesethai 19 June 2008 at 8:13 am

    I don’t have any idea about that.

    But Thailand may have just ‘permanently legally’ lost the sovereignty over Khao Pravihan (Preah Vihear in Khmer) to Cambodia. Foreign Minister, Noppadon Pattama, has agreed on a new map drawn by the Cambodian officials to submit with the application to UNESCO as a potential World Heritage site….without any consensus from the Parliament. The Thai public was not consulted and disclosed of any map detail. The entrance to the temple on the Thai-Cambodian borderline has been moved inward to the Thai side since 2001 when Thaksin was still in power and some 500 Cambodian nationals occupying the land around it.

    That is very much similar to if the People’s Republic of China foolishly allowed Taiwan to apply for membership of WHO!!

    The intriguing part of this story is Thaksin gets approval to invest in a multi-billion baht casino in Goh Gong, Cambodia.

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