James Bond is back : “a third party tries to stir unrest”

It’s a classic. A thai classic. What ? The famous “Third Party”.

If you are a general, a police officer, a minister, or any other official lunatic and that you don’t know what to do or what to say to journalists… you shall use the “Third Party” concept.

The point is : you know of course who is the “Third Party”. But you won’t tell. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun, right ? 😉

So here is the “Third Party of The Day”.

Deputy national police chief Jongrak Juthanont admitted Tuesday he has received reports that a third party plans to stir unrest around the Government House, where anti-government group rallies.

Pol Lt Gen Jongrak, however, refused to go into detail who they are. (Bangkok Post)

This deputy police chief is nothing but a clown. A childish clown who lacks self confidence and who probably suffered from a lack of maternal love during his childhood, therefore he needs to feel important, he needs to draw public attention to him. 😉

The “Third Party” theory is the perfect mean.

Anyway his boss, the Interior Minister Chalerm, suffers from exactly the same disease (with even more serious symptoms).

Interior Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung states that he has received a report on a possible attack by an ill-will group, wishing to interfere with the People’s Alliance for Democracy rally and worsen the current conflict.

And this group was “the same gang responsible for the New Year’s bomb attack in nine areas throughout the metropolitan“.

He said that on may 30.

Of course you understand that because we still don’t know who was behind this terrorist attack (the case is of course unsolved and never will be) it fits totally the “Third Party” concept. 😉

[if you wish to go deeper into the “Third Party” theory, check this out : the Prime Minister Samak uses it, but with… some nice variations]

1 Response to “James Bond is back : “a third party tries to stir unrest””

  1. 1 absolutelybangkok 25 June 2008 at 1:22 am


    It’s always the third party.

    Or the invisible hand!

    Long time no hear of the invisible hand.

    Third party & invisible hand. Shadows rule!

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