Emotion : Thaksin’s cousin meets general Sonthi at wedding party

Former deputy prime minister Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin pulls Chaiyasit Shinawatra, a cousin of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, to post for picture with him and his son at the wedding reception of Sonthi’s son at Hotel Athenee Saturday. (Nation)

No, no… Sonthi was first the… Coup leader of september 2006, and then Junta’s chief, and then… at the end of Surayud gvt Deputy PM… 😉 Nation is way too shy.

It’s good to see that family matters soften political divisions, isn’t it ? 😉

Even though Sonthi had to “pull” Thaksin’s cousin by the arm.

Anyway, this picture gives us another good news : Sonthi is still alive ! Many people were afraid… after the victory of the PPP in december, Sonthi totally disappeared.

As they say, all the wounds heal with time. 😉

Our best wishes to the young couple.

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