Joke of the Day : police needs 1 month to find out if Thaksin is linked to “pastrygate”

If you missed the saga of the “Pastrygate”, read here.

So where are we today ?

-2 lawyers in jail for 6 months
-1 “in the nature”… everybody is looking for him, even though he said that he was not hiding. 😉
-and of course, we have an ongoing investigation now to find out who gave the money and for what purposes, if the money was really a bribe.

For that matter, the Finest (nickname for the Royal Thai Police), are in the starting blocks, like a bunch of horses on heavy dope before a race…

Amnuay Nimmano, commander of Metropolitan Police Division 1, said his subordinates would need about a month to find out if Mr Thaksin was connected to the cash-laden snack pack given to a court official on June 10. (Bangkok Post)

Two comments :

-One month would be like a world record for the thai police…

-I’m wondering if they could use some… hard methods to find out the truth, like in the South for instance (have a look on the report of Human Rights Watch here or another one there).
I’m mean it should be easy to make the lawyer talking, no ?


Of course not, that’s against the law. Better to trust the skills of the Royal Thai Police…

See you in one month for the result of this investigation… And don’t forget to bring the popcorn.

1 Response to “Joke of the Day : police needs 1 month to find out if Thaksin is linked to “pastrygate””

  1. 1 fall 29 June 2008 at 3:13 am

    Well, it’s hard to conduct an extortion…i mean investigation… in a short period of time.
    But too long, people will forget and the bribe… i mean the evidence… would loose its pressure power.

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