Not enough subsidized diesel for truckers

Truckers are demanding three million litres of subsidised diesel a day from the government to help them cope with the rising cost of fuel. Thongyu Khongkhan, secretary-general of the Land Transport Confederation of Thailand, said yesterday that the request for three million litres a day was based on 20,000 trucks that needed the government’s assistance nationwide.

According to Mr Thongyu, the 20,000 trucks include 2,600 vehicles operating in the Northeast, another 5,000 that serve the export and import sectors, and about 4,000 others running in the South.

The proposal was made to the Transport Ministry, which will have to forward it to the Energy Ministry, the expected procurer of the subsidised diesel. (Bangkok Post)

So per month : 90 million litres.

Last week, the Transport Ministry said :

However, Mr Piyaphan said not all truck operators would receive a subsidy of three baht per litre of diesel as earlier demanded by the federation. The Energy Ministry could allocate only 122 million litres of subsidised priced diesel per month for a period of six months.

The government has so far knocked three baht a litre off the price of diesel for fishery, farm and bus operators. This leaves only 40-50 million litres of cheap diesel per month for truckers.

40 to 50 millions litres available… Against 90 asked by unions. That leaves… a gap. And an opportunity for more conflicts and other negociations…

Furthermore, this scheme is likely to create anger amongst the trucks companies. Why some of them could enjoy a subsidy, and others don’t ? Who will set the criterias ?

It’s obvious that this scheme is going to explode into the hands of the government.

And eventually… what we will do in december ? Back to square one…

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