Higher fares approved : taxis can update meters… but not yet

More than 1,000 taxi operators brought their vehicles to have their meters reset after the approved increase in fares was published in the Royal Gazette Wednesday.

The Department of Land Transport works together with Mahanakorn University of Technology on the resetting of the meters.

According to the university dean Sujet Chantarang, it takes about half an hour for the setting, with the price of 200 baht. (Bangkok Post).

Voila. Done.

This saga started more than 6 months ago (read here). And for what result ?

It’s going to fuel the inflation rate… at the worst moment, when many other prices are going up too. Congratulations to the thai authorities and their famous “postponement policy” Zimbabwe style.

As for the details of the new taxis fares (+12 % in average) :

The new rates will start at 35 baht for the first kilometre, not two kilometres as before.

The fares will then be five baht a kilometre for the 2nd-12th kilometres, 5.50 baht a kilometre for the 12th-20th kilometres, six baht a kilometre for the 20th-40th kilometres, 6.50 baht a kilometre for the 40th-60th kilometres, 7.50 baht a kilometre for the 60th-80th kilometres and 8.50 baht a kilometre beyond that.

But wait… Because nothing can be simple in Thailand… There is a problem. A technical one.

The new taxi fare structure for Bangkok came into effect on Thursday. Ironically however, taxi drivers can’t yet charge their passengers the new fare as they haven’t been able to update their metres due to a technical problem.

Bangkok taxi drivers lined up Thursday at ten official centres to adjust their metres, after winning permission to raise their fare for the first time in 16 years. However, Mahanakorn University of technology and the nine other centers were not ready to adjust metres because the software provided by the university had not been finished.

It will take about one week for the university and certified companies to be ready to offer the metre adjustment service. (TNA)

It’s clear that it must be a very complex software… And that they didn’t have enough time to prepare it. 😉

Just another normal day in Thailand.

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