Thailandjistan : ban on alcohol sales for 2 days

Welcome to the Thailandjistan, a country where the police is “asked” to ban sales of alcohol during buddhist days.

PHUKET: As a mark of respect for Asarnha Bucha and Buddhist Lent this Thursday and Friday, respectively, bars and other sellers of alcohol on the island are being asked to observe an alcohol ban on the two Buddhist holidays.

Businesses are asked not to serve alcohol from midnight on Wednesday night until midnight on Friday night.

Kathu Police Superintendent Col Grissak Songmoonnak told the Gazette, “It is not illegal for bars to sell alcohol, but like other [police] superintendents around the island, I have received an official letter from the local District Chief asking the police to try to ensure that alcohol is not sold on both days.”

Similarly, Chalong Police Superintendent Col Samarn Chainarong said, “I have received a letter from the District Chief asking me for co-operation from bars in my area to show respect on these important days for Buddhists.” (Phuket Gazette)

This is the new “bon plaisir” or “fait du prince” policy. Someone decided that it was not… cool to sales alcohol, and politely “asked” the police of inforce the ban, and the police will of course politely respond to this demand. Why ? Because.

And if you’re not happy, well it’s the same price, go to hell.

Laws, rules voted by the people’s elected representatives, democracy… all those principles are stupid western ideas for the plebs. 😉

2 Responses to “Thailandjistan : ban on alcohol sales for 2 days”

  1. 1 E. Spitzer 17 July 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Cowboy was opening, everything else was closed in Bangkok. Just goes to show what a weird concept of lawfulness exists here,

  1. 1 BKK News Feed Archive - Q2/08 Trackback on 18 July 2008 at 9:30 am

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