Peter Sellers is not dead ! He’s in the South and announces a cease-fire

Look at those three pictures… Do you see any link ? Yes indeed. Peter Sellers is not dead !

He’s playing in a new movie. After the huge success of The Party, unfortunatly it’s likely that Cease-Fire In The South will be a total failure. πŸ˜‰

Less than 48 hours after the announcement of a cease-fire in the south by 2 mysterious men, with grotesque fake mustaches and make-up… everybody is laughing.

The general Chetta, from a small party of the Samak’s coalition… claimed that it was true and that he gave the tape and that Channel 5 TV (owned by the military) was kind enough to air it…

The thai army doesn’t know this. Some of the groups in the South are denying… And even the medias (usually perfectly gullible) are laughing.

It’s a total disaster, from a PR and a political point of view.

The smoking gun was easy to find. I’m not speaking about the flag (unknown), the fake mustaches, the language they speak… but one very specific sentence (translation confirmed by some thai friends, while watching the footage) : “He added that any armed groups resisting the order would be considered renegades and could be eliminated“.

I mean even by thai standards it’s the peak of the non-sense.

Have you ever seen a so called “insurgent leader” who threaten his “friends” like that ? On the contrary, any (real) leader would try to appear in total control of the situation and would certainly not speak about the possibility that his “friends” would not follow his orders.

The whole story is surreal. A perfect thai drama.

(read Nation and Bangkok Post for more details)

Last point… who is General Chettah ? Former Army Chief, former Science and Technology Minister in the Thaksin administration, former Defense Minister and current Leader of Ruam Jai Thai Chart Pattana Party, member of the coalition.

The general Chettha wants obviously a part in this new movie.

Former army chief Chettha Thanajaro insisted there are no military figures behind the talk with southern insurgency.

Gen Chettha, who engineered the TV appearance of a group of insurgents who announced a ceasefire on a state television, said he and his team engaged in a talk with them alone, and it has no involvement with the army nor the authority.

He insisted that it was done out of good intention, and he did not hope to win any political post as a result of the video.

He vowed to continue solving problems concerning insurgency in the deep South. (Bangkok Post)

It’s absolutly unbelievable. Only in Thailand.

By the way, I think I’m going to ask my maid to negociate a cease-fire. I mean, it will be done out of good intentions πŸ˜‰

1 Response to “Peter Sellers is not dead ! He’s in the South and announces a cease-fire”

  1. 1 dreampipe 20 July 2008 at 6:00 am

    Working the party, one of my all time favorite movies, into a post about the deep south is just awesome. Yes – only in Thailand and no reason to live anywhere else given this type of availability for quality content.

    nice work!

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