Inflation chronicles : +29 % for milk, +12,5 % for tollways

While the gvt entertain the (rich) thais and businesses with a tax cut on diesel and gasohol… for 6 months… the inflation tsunami continues, silently, to build up.

+29 % for raw milk

The Cabinet has given the green light for an increase of 4 baht in raw milk products in response to the request by dairy farmers nationwide.

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Somsak Prissananantakul reveals that the Cabinet has approved a price increase for unpasteurized milk products, previously sold at 14 baht per a kilogram, to 18 baht per a kilogram.

Earlier, a group of about 1,000 dairy farmers from provinces nationwide staged a protest that closed Pitsanulok Road in front of the Government House. They asked for a price increase in raw milk products. Somsak says the price increase for raw milk products could possibly lead to an increase in the price of milk cartons, of 2 baht per carton. (TOC)

+12,5 % for tollways

The Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand’s board of directors on Thursday resolved to raise the tollway rate by Bt5-15.

Effective on September 1, the rates for 4-wheel vehicles would be Bt45 from Bt40, for 6-10-wheel to Bt79 from Bt60, and for vehicles with over 10 wheels to Bt100 from Bt85. (Nation)

But actually, it could be more… The government is thinking to add the… VAT (7 %). Yes ladies and gentlemen, tollways in Thailand are currently VAT free. Why ? Because. 😉

In august, we have prices increases in the pipe for : taxis and (a hot issue)… LPG (look the fuel consumption chart here to understand the issue).

Soft drinks should follow. And possibly, soy bean oil (read here, the pressure is mounting with fears of shortage).

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