Free trains : for short time (6 months) and for short… distances

That’s the beauty of politics. Once, the dust of glossy and exciting slogans settle down… the arithmetic comes back. By the little door.

The government announced 2 weeks ago its “6 actions 6 months” (read here), with tax cuts on diesel and gasohol, and “free” trains for third class, free water, free electricity for low income households etc. For an estimated total cost of 48 billions THB.

But, as I wrote, the bulk of the cost will be for… fuels. The rest (for real poor people) is peanuts.

Consider the details about the “free trains” :

Fare-free trains will run on most of the four SRT lines, Mr Pairat said. However, free northbound services would end their runs at the Den Chai station in Phrae province, despite the northernmost destination being Chiang Mai.

Heading south, the free rides would go only as far as Chumphon. Normal fares will apply if passengers from Bangkok wish to go beyond these destinations. (Bangkok Post)

If you’re a poor living in Bangkok, you’ll enjoy a free ride… but not for the whole trip. You want to travel to Chiang Mai ? Well, you’ll have to stop at Den Chai (470 km). Then for the last 145 km… well, you’ll be on your own.

1 Response to “Free trains : for short time (6 months) and for short… distances”

  1. 1 chinesethai 3 August 2008 at 10:55 am

    The ironic thing about the free trains is …. more PAD supporters from upcountry have taken advantage of it to join the protesters at Makawan Bridge, making the crowd over there largest than ever.

    Samak surrounds himself with idiots. Poor him.

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