More bureaucratic nonsense : garlic on… control list to curb… smuggling

The Commerce ministry has put garlic on its control list to help combat an influx of cheaper chinese garlic, which has pushed down prices of the local crop at a time of heavy harvests.

Traders will be asked to inform authorities of the amounts of garlic they hold and the locations of their warehouses in order to prevent smuggling, according to Yanyong Phuangrach, director-general of the ministry’s Internal Trade Department.

Those who fail to comply with the requirement could be subject to penalties that include five years in jail and/or fines up to 140,000 baht.

Garlic prices hovered between 17 and 18 baht per kilogramme in the first half of the year, with dry garlic at 25-27 baht, much cheaper than actual prices that should stand at about 38-40 baht per kg. (Bangkok Post)

The White Rabbit is coming back… in Wonderland.

It’s totally idiotic to say “the price of garlic should be“… Since borders are open, and chinese garlic can be imported, then we have a free market.

To put this product on the control list to fight… “smuggling” is totally inane !

Why do people import and… eventually buy and consume chinese garlic ? Because it’s cheaper than the local garlic. Period.

I mean if the authorities want to protect thai garlic producers (and afterall why not ?)… then they should act on the import side (with tariffs, quotas, taxes etc.).

But those stupid bureaucrats handle the problem… by the other side.

So can you imagine… further red-tape… to check inventories, location of warehouses etc… ? !

All this… for… garlic ?;-)

[ time now for a few Crisis Vacations. I will be back monday august 11 and will update several charts with the datas for june (sales of cars, exports, banking system, CPI, PPI, business sentiment index, etc.) ]

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