Chart : outstanding debts (banks) of individuals, businesses and gvt, volume and growth

After the deposits, here is an update of the chart about credit (at commercial banks), by type of debtors.

(Source BOT, table FI_CB_015_S3)

The scale is now in billions THB to ease the reading.

First, the volumes.

How to read ? In june, the total debt of individuals (residents) at commercial banks reached 2079 billions THB.

Note : the total given is the whole total of outstanding credit at commercial banks (including other types of debtors like banks and financial institutions themselves, non resident, etc., that I’ve removed to ease the reading).

Now the evolution in %, year on year.

In june, the outstanding debt of individuals at commercial banks, grew 11 % compare to june 2007.

(and the total, like chart 1, includes all the other debtors).

It’s important to note that those figures are for commercial banks only.

Therefore, the amount of 2079 billions THB is not the total debt of individuals (for that we would have to add other financial institutions, like credit cards companies, pawn shops etc.)

The august survey by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce “found that the level of household debts hit a record high of 2460 billions THB up 16.55 per cent year on year“. (Nation)

-we can see that since january, the total is increasing. That could be the effect of the “boost policies” of the gvt. To inject money into the machine, by every means.

-and it’s not a surprise to see the huge % of growth for credit from “gvt + state enterprises” (+78 % in february when the new gvt started to work, compare to february 2007).

-I’m surprised by the increase from businesses. After one year of negative growth, it goes up again. I can’t believe that businesses feel confident and are willing to borrow in order to boost their investments. I mean that would go against several other indicators. But maybe the situation is more contrasted (with some sectors super confident like exports, and other depressed).

-anyway, there is no credit crunch in Thailand. 😉

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