Police offers free buses to protesters… PAD makes appeal… and toilets are opened

The Benny Hill Show continues, at full speed. And it’s getting weirder.

3 pieces :

-Police offer free rides for protesters to go home (Nation)

-PAD’s lawyer appealed the Civil Court’s injunction, ordering the anti-government group to move out of the Government House and surrounding roads (Bangkok Post)

-Protesters use toilets of Command Centre (Nation)

Next, the police will offer cookies (home made) and some tea to the protesters ? Or what about… bribes ? ! The police could indeed give tea money to the PAD supporters to make them leave the compound…

And what about the “legal” move from the PAD… An appeal ? It’s huge.

It’s like a guy who is committing a crime, right now. The police comes, does nothing, and just asks a Court to give an injonction to the guy to stop committing the crime. The Court proceeds. And after, the guy appeals (in Court), by contesting the injonction !

I mean we’re touching some strange boundaries there… 😉 It’s surreal, nothing less.

Like if invading a gvt’s building could been something… legal for a court !

And the story about the… toilets. Protesters can now use the toilets in the “Command Center” building. 😉

It’s not the Government House. It’s Lunak Park. 😉

I doubt there is anything normal anymore in Thaiwonderland.

But at least, we are laughing.

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  1. 1 BKK News Feed Archive - Q3/08 Trackback on 29 August 2008 at 3:56 am

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