Chart, Exports : by country of destination

I’ve decided to start a new series of charts for exports-imports (with fresh datas from the BOT).

(Source BOT, table EC_XT_002)

If I was wrong on one issue, it was certainly exports. 😉

First I thought that the higher exchange rate THB-USD (2006-2007) would kill the thai exports. It didn’t.

Then I thought that the growth of exports would decline (because of lower demand and also due to base effect). It didn’t : % of growth accelerated.

So it’s time to look at the details, and see where this growth is coming from.

First we can see who are the biggest customers of Thailand Inc.

Let’s take july 2008 for instance. Total exports reached 561 billions THB.

-Asean came first with 137 billions (24,5 % of the total)
-China group (China + HK + Taiwan + South Korea) with 105 billions
-NAFTA (USA etc.)
-and Middle-East

Then, we can see something very interesting : april 2007 (yellow line).

This line marks a break in the pattern. Before, all the countries followed more of less the same growth, month by month. There was an obvious correlation.

But after april 2007, we got a new landscape ! A kind of decoupling.

-Asia (Asean+ China group) + Others showed a faster growth
-NAFTA, Europe, Japan (the historic markets of Thailand) stayed flat

And then in april 2008, we can see a new episode : super explosive growth for Asean (+ 62 % in july, compare to july 2007 !) , China, Others, Middle East…

Even UE, NAFTA, Japan are following, albeit with a much lower momentum.

Here is chart with the total per month (value) and % of growth (year on year).

(in the coming days, I will upload charts for imports and other goodies [exchange rate etc.])

2 Responses to “Chart, Exports : by country of destination”

  1. 1 Fonzi 1 September 2008 at 1:17 am


    How much does this have to do with rice?

    It would be interesting to see a break down of products and commodities.

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