A referendum to end the crisis ? Not a chance

Thursday morning (radio interview), Samak took, apparently, a great pleasure to mock his opponents. He took a stance. And made some good points. And bad ones.

The PAD is like a radical doomsday cult. It is an illegal group who have seized the Government House and declared their victory. How can that be correct? The country cannot survive without law and order. Otherwise it’s a state of anarchy,” he added.

“If I resign, then what else? The PAD will impose a new political regime, with only 30 percent of parliament elected. Will the public be able to accept that?”

“I will not resign and will not dissolve the parliament,” he stated as he ended his speech. “I will stay here [in office] to protect the country. I am the captain of this boat (Thailand) and I must take all the people on the boat to the end of our voyage, when all issues will be resolved.” (Bangkok Post)

1 point for him. However, Samak should explain us why the law is not enforced (arrest warrants issued against PAD leaders), why the state of emergency is not enforced…

In other word, Samak speaks a lot about the rule of law, but is totally discredited as far as law is concerned.

1 point for PAD.

And you know why ? Because the military are watching the prime minister and the government…

Samak knows too well that violence would force the army to intervene.

1 point for PAD.

Later in the day, the cabinet approved an rather strange idea… organize a… referendum !

The government on Thursday approved an up-or-down national vote of confidence with a referendum that will ask every voting citizen the question: Do you want the government to continue in office?

No date has been set for the vote, approved only in principle by the cabinet. (Bangkok Post)

The thai circus takes herculean proportions !

Because what will happen, if this referendum is really organized (we can doubt it) ?

-The government is going to win
-and the opposition will continue to protest

The current game (that started actually end of 2004) is a no winner game.

The PAD can’t win any elections. And the government is unable to rule freely. The stalemate is total.

The thai crisis shall continue…

6 Responses to “A referendum to end the crisis ? Not a chance”

  1. 1 chinesethai 5 September 2008 at 1:37 am


    Two university students shot as they march to PM’s residence

    PM now uses gangsters (Pro-Thaksin supporters) to as his security guards.

    Court of Appeal says since State of Emergency has been declared by PM, the power to remove PAD then now belongs to PM. But fact is nobody listens to PM Samak anymore. What is he going to do?

  2. 2 loris 5 September 2008 at 3:50 am

    Even with a referendum, the government will win it, and the PAD will continue doing what they are doing.General Anopong should be replaced as he cannot do the job he is supposed to do,but then again he plays politics too. Nowhere in the world ,would demonstrators be tolerated to occupy any government houses,or parliament.These current problems will cost dearly to Thailand in the long run.

  3. 3 ThaiCrisis 5 September 2008 at 4:28 am

    I’m not sure General Ananpong can not do the job… He doesn’t want to do it… 😉

    Samak is under watch. Constant watch.

    The army is waiting for the first big faux-pas, to intervene.

    Violence could do perfectly the trick. They just need their Reichstag Fire.

    I mean, people forgot very fast ! The thai army stagged a coup, against a democratically elected gvt, 2 YEARS AGO !

    So don’t talk to me about the “neutrality” or the “incompetence” of the army…

    The army remains one of the master pieces on the thai chessboard.

  4. 4 thaichris 5 September 2008 at 5:09 am

    And on the other side, there is a PM Samak which is convicted by court in a defamation and sentenced to two years in prison. In any other country of the world, such a person could not be PM. The court will decide about Samak’s appeal on September 15th. Let’s look, what he will do if convicted again.

    Looks like in Thailand nobody cares about rules anyhow. There is a saying in German:

    legal, illegal, scheissegal

    Translated to English: There is a law … give a shit about it.

    I think, Thailand needs a big chnage. My only hope are the young lad’s starting to gt out to the streets. It’s time for the next generation to take over. In all parts of the Thai society.

  5. 5 ThaiCrisis 5 September 2008 at 8:34 am

    legal, illegal, scheissegal

    I like that ! A very good summary of the whole situation.

  6. 6 chinesethai 5 September 2008 at 8:52 am

    Still long way to go for the Thai society, Thaichris.

    Samak said yesterday, “I am still in PM position to protect democracy. The majority of Thais elected me. They wanted me to be their PM.”

    You have heard similar comment from Thaksin Shinawatra, Chaiya Sasomsap and will be hearing similar thing from other Thai politicians too.

    These people think winning landslide elections means the Thais have given blank cheques, in which the politicans can do anything under the sun, such as getting kickbacks, committing frauds, violating human right or even opening fire at anybody, at whim.

    I mean, you know. More non-royalists who resented PAD are being forced to support the demonstration because they can’t stand such unashamed politicians. They are willing to leave the issue of royalism and republicanism for a while.

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