Chart, trade balance : -675 millions USD in august

Datas for exports and imports for august have been published (source BOT).

The trade balance (exports-imports, FOB and CIF) is till in the red in august, with a deficit of 675 millions USD, after a deficit of 762 millions in july.

Since january, the total deficit reaches 1,12 billion USD.

What’s next ? Well, logically, exports and imports are both going to slow, due to the global slowdown.

USA, Europe, Japan… the main customers of Thailand are slowing down. There is no way Thailand can escape the fallouts. No way.

The trade deficit should continue, unless the country start to cut seriously its oil consumption. Since the Alice in Wonderland plan from Samak’s government (tax cuts on diesel, postponement of LPG price increase and other feel good-pay later policies etc.) the consumption is artificially boosted.

It’s a very short sighted policy. The new government vows to continue on the same path… We’ll see.

1 Response to “Chart, trade balance : -675 millions USD in august”

  1. 1 Bob 1 October 2008 at 1:36 am

    Gold imports were off the chart at $984 million in August. People are looking for safe heavens as the SET is falling.

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