2 killed and 208 injured in riots

Two persons were killed, and 208 others were injured in police’s dispersal of anti-government protesters as of Tuesday evening, according to Public Health Ministry.

The first person that was killed was a man whose body was stuck in a jeep parked near Chart Thai party’s head office. The vehicle was exploded in the evening.

The second victim was a woman, in her 20s. She lost her breath while being rushed to nearby hospital after the protesters clashed with police in front of the Metropolitan Police Bureau.

Four people were amputated in the clash.

Eight police officers were reportedly injured when they clashed with protesters throughout the day. (Bangkok Post)

The confusion is high, with rumors, counter rumors and lies.

On one hand, the police once again shows its extreme and shameful stupidity when a spokeman continues to repeat that police forces have used only tear gas… and that the other people suffered injuries probably by falling on the ground… when on TV you can see some horrible wounds…

On the other hand, medias are adding fuel onto the fire, with “global” tolls for injured (like Nation with the total figures of 381… but with only 48 in hospital… or with sensational headlines like “Black october” (on Nation’s website).

Black October refers to the massacre of october 1973, when security forces and mob killed… probably dozen of students…

I mean : this is irresponsible.

I can’t stop thinking that there is -unfortunatly- like a scenario, with the arrest of 2 PAD’s leaders last week… leading to higher tension… the first clashes monday, then the sudden resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Chavalit who was supposed to negociate with PAD… more riots.

Who is responsible ? Left, right, both camps ? Or nobody ?

And now the PAD demands a House dissolution… Could it solve the problem ? Of course not.

I’ve got a bad feeling that the only question now is : how many people have to die before the army decides to intervene ?

So more than ever, it’s difficult to foresee an end to the political crisis.

And meanwhile… some people are looking with horror to the very black clouds of the mega global financial crisis…

I was always a pessimistic, hence the title of this blog… But I start to think : maybe the reality is about to go beyond…

22 Responses to “2 killed and 208 injured in riots”

  1. 1 chinesethai 8 October 2008 at 1:47 am

    Facts are being ridiculously twisted out there, especially at Asia Sentinel by some left-wing anti-Royalists that this is the war between the Royals+BKK elites and the poor just because Thaksin loves the poor?!?

    Yes, there is no end in sight. The Palace is not winning. The people are paying the price, of course. Pictures of protesters who have their feet and hands cut off have already told the story. The Police have become more like a death squad. Proxy PM Somchai and MPs in the House are not getting anything out of this.

    The question we should be asking now is WHO WINS.

    There is only one guy probably winning and he is abroad, seeking a good cause for his political asylum right now.

    Bad luck for Thailand. Crooks always prevail!

  2. 2 CWI 8 October 2008 at 1:57 am

    Neither the political parties nor a military takeover, will resolve the current crisis as long as the social and economic needs of the rural and urban population are not met. However, this is unattainable under the profit-oriented market economy that has been supported by the monarchy, military and the ruling and opposition political parties. Only a democratic socialist planned economy that is based on the fundamental needs of all could find permanent solutions to the economic and social needs of Thai society.

  3. 3 dooda 8 October 2008 at 2:32 am

    Please see the third photo on this page:


    Then see scroll down to see the last photo on this page:


    Apparently, yesterdays injured include 4 loss limbs, loss foot and lost fingers and toes. I wonder if police will let independent forensic experts investigate or their own police buddies?

  4. 4 Bedwyr 8 October 2008 at 3:15 am

    Chinese Thai: I believe you are wrong. I believe this has every possibility of becoming the civil war I predicted here a while ago. The only thing remaining is for the caravan of the poor to mobilise again, and that will force the Army to decide whether to pile in again or simply allow events to take their course. They will be watching to see who will likely win before deciding which side to join. The police have already chosen and did that a long time ago.

    The Monarchy has broken cover and the sponsorship of PAD can no longer be in any doubt (if doubt ever existed). This is now a head-on collision between the would-be-President-in-exile and you-know-who.

    And it is going to be ugly if they do not both step back from the brink. Lines have been drawn. The problem is I don’t believe either side can afford to step back.



  5. 5 MSB 8 October 2008 at 5:13 am

    THis situation has gone on long enough. It needs some end game and right now its probably a good a time as any. Nothing to lose for this PM as nobody expects him to last long. He can always run the London and live with bro in law if it goes tits up. SO he decides to go in hard. Why not? I actually give him credit for getting things moving.

    FInally i hope the foreign press now stops calling the PAD a demonstration of middle class Thai’s. There is nothing middle class about running over a cop in a pickup. There are nothing but a bunch of tooled up paid thugs.

  6. 6 chinesethai 8 October 2008 at 6:42 am


    If I have to choose between living under you-know-who and living under would-be-pres-in-exile and no other choices, I would rather go with the first one. In that scenario that would-be-pres-in-exile wins power, I would give up my Thai citizenship in no time. That’s not because I have very intimate love with you-know-who or was brainwashed but Thailand would surely become more like Cambodia or the Philippines under would-be-pres-in-exile.

    The demand to crush PAD protesters was clearly directed from London. That’s why we have seen a lot of dreadful pictures of women seriously wounded and amputated by hand grenades. The daughter of a doctor who is Thailand Red Cross’s organ donation department died in the clash. Many more are still in ICUs.

  7. 7 chinesethai 8 October 2008 at 8:14 am


    The girl who was killed is an Assumption University student.

    ฺีBut the daughter of Thailand Red Cross’ organ donation dept survived but her right foot’s fingers were smashed by a bomb blast.

  8. 8 Bedwyr 8 October 2008 at 9:05 am

    CT, I agree with you to a point. In fact I would not like to live under the great brain-washer or the pretender, and am grateful that I don’t have to.

    Yes, the order came from London. Probably as a package of do-or-die-this-time. This is a make or break – Thaskins last chance.

    The problem is that it is not your opinion, nor mine that counts. I have heard from a number of Thais in the North and Isaan who clearly state that in a choice between you-know-who and Thaksin, they would vote for the latter. This is over the course of the past 2 years and it is becoming more and more common to hear this opinion. Someone is stirring the pot.

    The nightmare of the BKK elite has happened. The poor have found a voice and dare to have an opinion. When Thaksin wins (when not if), Thailand is finished. But then Thailand is finished if you-know-who wins and eventually dies. The BKK elite know this, understand this, and fear this.

    Thaksin started his run for President too early and fell victim to his own greed. As I saw opined a while back (and I agree) when he sold to Temasek he had an opportunity to become Saint Thaksin. All he had to do was volunteer to pay the taxes everyone else would have been forced to pay and they would have called him Buddha.

    Thailand is already effectively in the dustbin of history. Thais will go down as a nation that thought altogether too much of their own talent and importance. As the impact of Vietnam and China continues to be felt, Thailand will become the regional basket-case. Who knows? Perhaps Laotians will be sneering at Thais in 20 years. Poetic justice. Sympathy? Not from me CT. karma is relentless and Thais have a huge national karmic debt to pay. imho.

    Sorry for what must sound like a rant, but this whole thing is predictable, inevitable, and I think in view of recent days, unavoidable. In a way, I hope I am wrong.


  9. 9 fall 8 October 2008 at 2:32 pm

    “Black October”… I was thinking along the line of “Yellow October” …or better yet, “Blue October”.
    For no particular reason, I just like rainbow.

  10. 10 Hoktula 8 October 2008 at 2:57 pm

    “Pictures of protesters who have their feet and hands cut off have already told the story. The Police have become more like a death squad. ”

    wow! what a SPIN !

    don’t you just love it – how Pantha-mit supporters TWIST all the reality? DEATH Squads? gimme a break ! police were UNARMED.

    oh, and BTW – the guy who’s lost his leg … actually he had a ping-pong home-made bomb which he was trying ti use, and it has blown his f***ing leg ! well – that will teach the F*88er how NOT to play with explosives next time !

    “Black October” my ass ! I bet the Nation was eagerly waiting for such a scenario to make a SENSATIONALIST SPIN ! they were waiting to their “golden moment” since May – when they have anticipated it to repeat the “Black May”….

    sh1t ! will the PAD THUGS ever stop harassing the country ?
    they are stupid idiot morons who don’t give a FART (not to speak – sh1t, something more substantial LOL) about well being of country !

    the HUGE GLOBAL economic meltdown is underway – and these cretins are dragging country into CIVIL WAR !

    SHAME on them for using Yellow color and King’s pictures on their wooden shields, as well as kids and women as human shields.

  11. 11 Hoktula 8 October 2008 at 2:58 pm

    go to bangkok pundit where he provides the quote and reference to source which gives the TRUE evidence about “lost leg” !

  12. 12 Hoktula 8 October 2008 at 3:53 pm

    SHAME on PAD even for exploiting the feelings of Thai ppl for taking a name as “Panthamit” – which reminds of 1992 events ! coz the MOB RULE which they are trying to plunge Thailand into – has NOTHING to do with what happened in ’92 ! these people are MOB, yeah, perhaps organized (thks to GENERAL Chamlong) but still a mob ! and not simple mob – but eliltist mob ! how else they could have supported so prolonged protests (almost 6 mths) ?!

    so, they are shameless LIARS and hijackers of the whole country !
    and IGNORANT at that. when I have confronted one of them (well educated, graduate of Thammasat) with facts and direct questions as why Chamlong kept quite when Junta 1st abolished Constitution and then 2nd changed into their own, and HOW it was imposed (the so called “Referendum” – yeah, with martial law in most of provinces and huge campaign to prevent “NO” vote!) – that person couldn’t say even anything more or less comprehensive, what to say credible !

    sad that the whole country is being held HOSTAGE to these irresponsible thugs.

    “DEATH SQUAD”? hahahahahahaha ! watch some videos of how American police has “gently” handled protesters at RNC last month ! it might give you some SLIGHT idea of – how such PAD actions would be dealt with in US or I bet in any country in Europe !
    Thai police is very meek and humble in comparison !
    (because Army practically supports PAD – again thanks to Chamlong)

    never mind. to argue with morons is to no avail.

    my suggestion to Somchai is:
    man, RESIGN ! let these PAD thugs have their way, establish WHATEVER their stupid form of ELITIST MOBOCRACY.
    and THEN let us see what will happen – the REAL PANTHAMIT will rise!
    a real PEOPLE’S movement!

    otherwise all these “niceties” are totally useless. this whole government’s attempt to handle situation in “polite” and non-violent way doesn’t work – coz PAD WANTS it to be violent, they PROVOKE government and police. they have become a TERRORISTS – how else to describe someone who has well-prepared bombs and firearms and all the “cold-weapons” (knifes, swords, sticks etc.). and terrorists can’t be dealt with in “nice” way !

    therefore, I think it would be better if government resigns and let the events take its own course – and then the PEOPLE (not the elitist PAD) to wake up and take their own action !

    so, I tend to agree with Bedwyr – that Civil war is inevitable. not because I like it or want it – by judging by the actions and provocations of the “Pantha-mit”.

  13. 13 Hoktula 8 October 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Former charter drafters call on Somchai to resign

    “The club of former 2007 Constitution drafters Wednesday called on Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat to resign following the political bloodbath.”

    very nice ! these guys are who have started all this mess !
    they have CHANGED the PEOPLES’ 1997 Constitution into Junta’s Constitution and gave a start to ALL these problems now.

    and yet – they now have no shame to voice their advices?

    bunch of shameless army-brownnosers !

  14. 14 Hoktula 8 October 2008 at 4:08 pm

    Exports to US to take huge hit
    dramatically next year, turning around from 5.5-per-cent growth this year to a contraction of 5.5 per cent, due mainly to the financial meltdown…
    UTCC suggests the government should set up an Emergency Financial Intelligence Unit to monitor the impact of the financial mayhem closely and seek measures to prevent damaging side effects on Thai financial institutions.
    The government should also promote domestic consumption and private investment to compensate for expected lost exports next year, it said.
    Aat Pisanwanich, director of the university’s Centre for International Trade Studies, said the US economic wreckage would have a domino effect on other regions.
    “More than half of the Kingdom’s gross domestic product is from exports. A drop in exports to major destinations, including the US, the EU and Japan, would definitely cause difficulty for future economic growth,” he said.
    Sectors that would be hardest hit by the “Hamburger Crisis” include garments, gems and jewellery, computers and parts, plastic products and foods. ”

    now, this is REAL serious issue government should be dealing with ASAP ! instead it has to smell the sh1t which PAD pours on the road and be dragged into all the useless debates about STUPID accusations PAD makes !

    SHAME on Sonthi L. ! he is a terrorist and REAL enemy of Thai people right now ! because of him Thailand will NOT be able properly prepare and deal with UNAVOIDABLE economic impact of global meltdown which has started and is ALREADY underway right now!

  15. 15 Hoktula 8 October 2008 at 4:38 pm

    “THAILAND: Another Bout of Military Rule?”
    “BANGKOK, Oct 8 (IPS) – The battle for Bangkok has entered a new and violent phase, the logical end of which can only be another bout of military rule.
    This fresh outbreak of violence has raised fears that the military may be moving towards another coup. “While it cannot be ruled out, a coup would seem to be a remote option at the moment,” Thitinan told IPS. But many of Thaksin’s supporters believe this indeed is the PAD’s real game plan. ”

    yes, that’s what is all about ! PAD is supported by army and in turn it supports army and whatever actions and laws imposed by military junta in 2007. and all these events are a blunt attempt to create enough provocation for army to intervene again and take over the country. the subject of new coup has been mulled by newspapers many times, and even many academics and politicians has mentioned it – as something DESIRABLE.

    so much for “democracy” !

  16. 16 thaichris 9 October 2008 at 5:18 am

    ThaiCrisis. Who’s blog is that? I see ‘Hoktula’ writing comments minute after minute. Did he take over your log? And all these *** comments are pretty ‘mob’ like.

    I liked this blog as it was quiet neutral and on a good intelectual level. Don’t let a single individual destry it.

  17. 17 ThaiCrisis 9 October 2008 at 6:56 am

    Hi TC, Hoktula has obviously just discovered my blog. Hence his enthusiasm. 😉
    I can’t blame him for that.

    Basically I don’t have rules for the comments. Just common sense.

    I endlessly advocate freedom of speech therefore I’m reluctant to delete the comments, unless basic common sense forces me to do it (spams, insults, etc.).

    I hope my readers will understand.

    As for the current political dispute (understatement ?), I think it’s normal to have supporters of PAD and supporters of the gvt willing to comment, foreigners and thai as well.

    Of course, if it degenerates like a cyberwar, I will delete. Because my main interest remains economy. So I don’t want this blog to become a burning political forum (many other websites do it already, and in a much better way).

  18. 18 Bedwyr 9 October 2008 at 10:49 am


    Another nice serial rant dude.


  19. 19 Hoktula 9 October 2008 at 12:11 pm


    oops, seems like you do not like and can’t even tolerate any critisism, huh? 😉

    “taken over” ? LOOK WHO IS TALKING !
    go and count how many are YOUR comments on this blog !

    so, I understand – you want to keep the right of “take over” only for yourself, right?

    and it is so silly that you complain to TC !
    I mean – what do you expect him to do – to CENSOR ANY other opinions which are against yours ?

    dude – this is not some of your brainwashing Thai media controlled by elite! this is BLOG !

    and I said ***NOTHING*** wrong or disrespectful in address of revered institutions as HMK or royal family, or Thai people in general, or Thailand as a country. the ONLY thing I did was: to express the criticism of PAD-thugs !

    and guess what? this IS a democratic thing – a Freedom of Speech! a right for an individual to express his own opinion, even if it is against yours ! OOPS ! perhaps you didn’t know that? 😉

    somehow it looks like you don’t like it, huh?
    I guess it has hit the nerve ? 😉
    coz hereyou are SHAMELESSLY trying to influence TC to SILENCE me – a person who simply does NOT agree with you and is BLUNT in criticizing your silly “reasoning” and “logic” !

    and by such action of trying to CENSOR this blog – you expose yourself for what you really are: a chap who has DISREGARD for DEMOCRATIC ways !

    “I liked this blog as it was quiet neutral ….

    NEUTRAL ? pray, what’s the definition of “neutral” ?

    you mean that everyone in here would listen to your drivel about “peaceful protesters” and “nice doctors who refuse to do their SACRED duties” – and simply keep quite and nod in agreement? well, sorry to disappoint you so ! coz I for one simply CAN’T STAND such a hypocrisy of yours !

    or perhaps you mean that ANYONE who doesn’t agree with you must be SILENCED – and THAT you call “neutral” ?

    so, give a break with your BS of “Neutral” !

    be honest and just say it – that you expected it to be some sh1t like “oh, so nice democratic peaceful protesters, oh so evil government” ! and as long as no one says anything against your BS – it will remain “neutral” for you !

    and on a good intelectual level. “

    whuahahahahaha !

    “Intellectual” ? what r u talking about?

    by saying things like “I support doctor who refused to treat patient” or “I appreciate Islamic fundamentalists in South” [who daily shoot to death, behead and bomb innocent civilians] – you instantly discredit yourself as brainless idiot who can’t be seriously taken even near as “Intellectual” !

    I mean, do you even realize what you are SAYING by those statements?

    and yet here you make a total fool of yourself by claiming that you make and “Intellectual” conversation ?

    well, dude – to be able to have a REAL Intellectual conversation – go educate yourself first! read a bit about things like : the meaning of Democracy; or about Hippocrates Oath, or about Terrorism, or even about …. Intellectual ! 🙂

    hahaha ! intellectual indeed ! ok, lets start from zero ! say, do you even know – WHAT “Intellectual” means ? 😉

    I give you a clue: it implies the presence of an intellect !
    hahahahaha ! which obviously you lack very much by your IRRESPONSIBLE and fallacious statements, which are so inconsistent that often (or most of times) contradict your OWN previous statements ! you make a fool of yourself by such contradictions, by display of obvious IGNORANCE of commonly accepted values and definitions – and you talk about “Intellectual” ?!!!!!!!

    oh, man ! I simply can’t f***ing believe it !

    dude if you really wanna have “Intellectual” conversations – then stop your whinnying and get used to it !

    so, chinesethai – either you take a “blue pill” and
    “Welcome to the desert of Reality !”
    ( Morphius to Neo in Matrix)

    or you can take a “red pill”, wake up in the morning and continue your life as nothing happened, as everything is fine and as you’re and “Intellectual and Neutral” and that PAD are “Champions of Democracy”, and as if you have never even been here on this Blog and never had any conversation with people who THINK !

    in other words – you can shut up and “take it or leave it” !
    coz nobody will ever indulge you in your DELUSION of
    “oh, so poor peaceful Democratic protesters – innocent victims of evil government”.

    hahahahaha ! u r so cute and cool (NOT) in your IGNORANCE and sincere belief that you are “Intellectual and Neutral” !!!


    I do not care if TC will ban me – although he has no any reasons to, since I did nothing more than only criticize your ridiculous views! it will not change the TRUTH and reality ! (I didn’t “cross the line” of any “taboo” topics)

    but you, chinesethai, should be GRATEFUL and happy that someone even bothers to talk to you and mercifully tries to help you dissipate your ignorance and elevate you to “Intellectual” level ! (coz “neutral” is total nonsense – nobody is neutral !)

    so, you should be rather worried if people like me IGNORE you and give up on you as HOPELESS and pathetic demagogue !

    Ok ? 😉

    have fun !

  20. 20 Hoktula 9 October 2008 at 12:25 pm


    thanks !
    I’m glad u like it ! 😉
    (or do u ?)


    thanks for your balanced opinion!

    I do appreciate your effort of adhering to TRUTH !

    and I am also worried about economic crisis in Thailand.

    however I coulnd’t simply resist to respond to some drivel of guys like CT – the very people who caused ’97 economic crisis, and who now again screw up the whole country with their thuggish politics !

    they will not suffer – they have a lot of money.
    but it will hit hard the ordinary people.

    and instead of letting government to do its work to at least REDUCE the impact – they instead MISLEAD the public by their DEMAGOGY.

    SHAME !

    but I agree with your opinions in general.

    if you think that my “rant” (as Bedwyr put it) is too harsh and flaming – let me know ! I can simply ignore guys like CT.

    but I am more interested in some more detailed analysis of how and to which extent the Global ec. crisis will impact Thailand.

    so, if you think you could provide such info – that would be great !
    coz so far I couldn’t find anything substantial neither on Thai newspapers nor on expats’ Forums (as TV), or those blogs I know.

    particularly would be interesting to know the possible estimates of damage – for food prices, and other goods and commodities, and money value, etc. ’97-98 crisis was not so long ago. and most recently, only this year – was “rice crisis”. I think these can give enough materials to start with.

    but I am not a specialist in economics or finances.
    so, hopefully you can do a better job than me in estimating possible consequences.

    Cheers !

  21. 21 Bedwyr 10 October 2008 at 1:44 am

    Hoktula. Did you never hear of irony?

    Your ranting is quickly spoiling what is probably the best blog about Thailand, and in the process you are showing exactly why people laugh at Thais.

    Kit korn put my friend. Or in this case, kit korn an. Show how you are different from most Thais, act like someone older than 12 years old.


  22. 22 Hoktula 14 October 2008 at 7:04 am


    sure I know what irony is, perhaps better than you – since you couldn’t grasp my irony in saying : “I’m glad u like it !”

    BTW – my rant is better than yours. your rant SUCKS ! 🙂
    and there is no any doubt that it is nothing more than a rant.

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