Heavy gunfire at border : Thailand urges citizens to leave Cambodia

Thai Foreign Minister Sompong Amornvivat urged Thai nationals in Cambodia to leave as soon as possible Wednesday after a gun-battle between troops along a disputed stretch of their border.

“Thai businessmen who have no need to be in Cambodia now, please rush back to Thailand,” Sompong told reporters. (Washington Post)

Thai and Cambodian troops exchanged gunfire Wednesday along their border, a Cambodia army commander said, as a row over a disputed patch of land appeared to be escalating.

“Cambodian and Thai troops are opening fire at each other now,” Brigadier General Bun Thean told AFP from the scene.

“Our troops prevented Thai troops from entering our territory, but they started to open fire at our troops right away,” he said, adding there was “heavy gunfire” at two areas near Preah Vihear temple.

Reporters with local Thai television confirmed they witnessed both sides exchanging gunfire. (AFP)

Well it seems that some politicians have decided to go indeed on the “adventure” path. It’s a shame.


Two Thai troops were injured during a clash with Cambodian troops along Thai-Cambodia border on Wednesday, Army spokesman Sansern Kaeowkamnerd said.

Both suffered from sharpnels of explosives and were rushed to a hospital in Si Sa Kaet province.

They were injured in one of two clashes with Cambodia at Pa Mo I Daeng in Si Sa Ket province. Another clash Phu Ma Khur caused no casualty.

No report of casualty on Cambodian side, he noted. (Nation)


Here are details of Wednesday’s border clash. Casualty toll: Seven Thai soldiers wounded, with 10 missing and believed captured by Cambodian forces. Cambodia admits to two dead, two wounded, as Army reinforces units near Preah Vihear. (Bangkok Post)

5 Responses to “Heavy gunfire at border : Thailand urges citizens to leave Cambodia”

  1. 1 fall 15 October 2008 at 2:46 pm


    Thailand spend $1.775 billion (rank 53), while Cambodia spend $112 million (rank 114) on military budget.

    We will have definite fire superiority and win this war in no time, right?

  2. 2 thaichris 16 October 2008 at 4:00 am

    Te cambodian soldiers have 30+ years of fighting experience beating America out of there country, fighting a bitter war against Vietnam, a civil war and nmerious boder conflicts with Thailand (almost every time as a winner).

    The Thai army lost nearly every boarder conflict with it’s neighbors (Laos, Burma, Cambodia). 30% of the military budget siphones down into various channels, over 50% of the Thai airforce has been grounded due to technical issues. The Thai army has to split it’s forces between the south, the political unres in Bangkok and a possible conflict with Cambodia.

    Bet who will win!!!

  3. 3 chinesethai 16 October 2008 at 5:33 am

    I think army leadership is also important. You can see that each conflict involves not only gunfire but also information war. While the Cambodian officials give numerous interviews almost on an hourly basis to foreign presses, we rarely hear anything from the Thai army. All we learn is from the media.

  4. 4 Danny 21 October 2008 at 2:34 pm

    Thai medias only quote biased sources:

    For your information, according to reutors and AFP, as well as the Cambodian sources, more than 10 thai soliders were killed, more than 20 wounded and 13 surrendered.

    Anynymous but reliable source stated that more than 50 thai soldiers are being hospitalized due to the clash….but they were sent to different hospitals so that the real figured coudnt be know.

    Thai military rejected the figure and surrendered thai soldiers,… riduculous… they should search on reuter because they even show the pictures of those thai soldiers being captured.

    Thai military body are hidding the figure!!!!! lame. Because they are scared of more protest!

    Now who you think would fired first? While Cambodia has nothing to gain from going to war with thailand, and if thailand didnt keep trespassing into cambodian territory, the clash would have occured.

    When you rejected the map attached to the Treaty which you, yourself, have signed. When you rejected the decision of the high court who recognized the map and ruled that “the Temple was situated in the territory under the sovergnty” of you neighboring country. And, instead, you made your own claims, proved them by the map you’d drawn unilaterally, … it’s simply just hard to believe your claims are justified. It’s even more so when you tried to hide from the media, rejected any intervention from international institutions and used your superior force over the smaller and poorer neighboring country.

  5. 5 Mr. IM RIN 23 October 2008 at 2:14 am

    Is Preah vihea belong to Thai or Cambodia?
    The conflict between Thai and Cambodia over the Preah vihea temple has been continued for several months with dim result and no concerne from ASEAN members.
    According to the history, as well as recorgnizing internationally by thousand millions of people around the world everybody knows that Preah Vihea temple and surrounding areas that ancient site are 100% belong to Khmer.
    Thai knows themself that they are invading on Cambodian land and have tried many centuries to confiscate land from Cambodia I don’t know why they have no heart and no respect to the neighboring nation like Cambodia.
    I am a Khmer, I am very sorry that all Thai and their government have tried to intrude Cambodia land? What exactly do all Thai people need from Cambodia? Tell me what all of you want from Cambodia?
    Bloody war or bloody relationship?
    I want to tell all people around the world that Preah vihea and surrounding land are belong to Cambodia 100% .

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