Thai army receives backup units and permission to retaliate if attacked

Real false ultimatum, real false retreat, real false meeting… the circus continues at Preah Vihear Temple, on the border with Cambodia.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army, Gen Anupong Paochinda, ordered Thai troops at the Thai-Cambodian border to retaliate immediately, should the Cambodian soldiers start attacking them, according to the Commander of the Second Army Region, Lt-Gen Viboonsak Neepal. (Bangkok Post)

And even more worrying…

The Thai army has reportedly sent additional troops to the Thai -Cambodian border. The backup units are fully armed and were seen transporting at least 10 canons.

For some details about the stand-off during the last months and the thai views, read this article from Nation.

It’s rather difficult to see the (direct) advantages Hun Sen would have to put gasoline onto the fire… He won the last elections, he has all the powers, the cambodian economy is booming… So ? On the other hand, we can see clearly the advantages that the thai authorities would have…

Unless this circus is nothing but a “pas de deux”, a dance with… 2 willing partners.


Sound of several gunshots were heard near the disputed area at Preah Vihear area along the Thai-Cambodia border in Si Sa Ket province at about 2.45pm.

Cambodia’s commander Bun Thean told AFP, “Cambodian and Thai troops are opening fire at each other now.” (Nation)

Let’s hope it’s just some stupid muscles exercises. All those lunatics military love to play war.

14 Responses to “Thai army receives backup units and permission to retaliate if attacked”

  1. 1 Bedwyr 15 October 2008 at 4:39 am

    More flag-waving and shouting from a safe distance.

    The appearance of action is everything. Substance is unimportant.

    “Faster” said the Red Queen.


    ps. Does this ring any bells? (courtesy of project Gutenberg)

    `Now! Now!’ cried the Queen. `Faster! Faster!’ And they
    went so fast that at last they seemed to skim through the air,
    hardly touching the ground with their feet, till suddenly, just
    as Alice was getting quite exhausted, they stopped, and she found
    herself sitting on the ground, breathless and giddy.

    The Queen propped her up against a tree, and said kindly, `You
    may rest a little now.’

    Alice looked round her in great surprise. `Why, I do believe
    we’ve been under this tree the whole time! Everything’s just as
    it was!’

    `Of course it is,’ said the Queen, `what would you have it?’

    `Well, in OUR country,’ said Alice, still panting a little,
    `you’d generally get to somewhere else — if you ran very fast
    for a long time, as we’ve been doing.’

    `A slow sort of country!’ said the Queen. `Now, HERE, you see,
    it takes all the running YOU can do, to keep in the same place.
    If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as
    fast as that!’

  2. 2 ThaiCrisis 15 October 2008 at 4:56 am

    We’re indeed deep into the White Rabbit’s Hole. 😉

  3. 3 dooda 15 October 2008 at 5:35 am

    Thai foreign permanent secretary gave the briefing to ASEAN ambassadors on the situation:

    i found point #2 about two Thai soldiers stepping on land mines and losing their legs noteworthy. The landmines believed to be laid by Cambodia after the 3 October event, an act against the Ottawa Convention.
    Another interesting point is #8 which states that Thailand is “perplexed” by Hun Sen’s sudden issuance of ultimatum
    which is in contrast to Cambodia’s earlier position to resolve border disputes peacefully.

  4. 4 chinesethai 15 October 2008 at 7:42 am

    These incidences would never have happened, had Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama not approved Cambodia’s border map in exchange for Thaksin’s casino concession in Koh Kong. This guy’s head must roll.

    Meanwhile, it is the right of Thailand to defend her border and mercilessly crush any intruder. Cambodia sees an opportunity in the political crisis in Thailand. They know that the real PM is now in London, not Bangkok.

  5. 5 MSB 15 October 2008 at 8:30 am

    Looks like its all kicking off this afternoon….

    I like the theory that Thaksin has paid the Cambo’s to start a fight so that the Thai army attention is diverted away from Bangkok politics….

  6. 6 chinesethai 15 October 2008 at 9:08 am

    That theory is sound since Thaksin and Hun Sen are business partners. A couple of billion baht is peanuts for Thaksin.

  7. 7 Bedwyr 15 October 2008 at 9:49 am

    Perhaps it was indeed the Thais that infringed upon disputerd or foreign territory.

    I am not sure whether this is more likely than Thaksin committing treason by supporting a foreign power in an armed conflict.

    Just one problem after another for Thailand isn’t it? You couldn’t make this shit up.


  8. 8 Yeti 15 October 2008 at 9:52 am

    Maybe they should have a good artillery fight, burn the temple to ashes, problem solved…

  9. 9 chinesethai 15 October 2008 at 10:12 am

    The problems, actually the crises, that are engulfing Thailand cannot be solved as long as Thaksin is still at large.

  10. 10 chinesethai 15 October 2008 at 11:50 am

    This may sound totally unrelated to Thai-Cambodia conflict.

    Pro-Thaksin supporters of about 3,000 are gathering at Sanam Luang (Royal Plaza). One of the recent Bangkok mayoral election candidates, Suchart Nagbangsai, delivered a speech directly attacking Her Majesty and threatening to rampaging through the Government House within the next 7 days.

    Can you guys see a relationship here?
    (1) Thaksin suddenly gave up his diplomatic passport while applying for asylum.
    (2) Hun Sen abruptly changed position and stepped up war rhetoric against Thailand
    (3) Pro-Thaksin supporters are gathering at Sanam Luang, threatening violence.
    (4) Leaflets that insult the nation’s highest institution were distributed in Chiangmai and Udornthani, the stronghold cities of PPP.
    (5) The Taxi Radio keeps beating war drums, attempting to mobilize Pro-Thaksin taxi drivers against PAD demonstration in the Government House.
    (6) Giles Ungpakorn and his republican guards are collaborating.

    So who else is capable of funding such concerted movements against Thailand?

  11. 11 game 15 October 2008 at 2:21 pm

    “These incidences would never have happened, had Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama not approved Cambodia’s border map in exchange for Thaksin’s casino concession in Koh Kong.”

    Utter nonsense. The Preah Vihear case was settled almost fifty hears ago by a ruling of the International Court of Justice. And Thailand’s decision to support Cambodia’s plea for registering Preah Vihear as World Cultural Heritage would have helped to ease tensions and opened new possibilites for tourism on both sides of the border for mutual benefit.

    “Meanwhile, it is the right of Thailand to defend her border and mercilessly crush any intruder.”

    Funny that you babble the same jingoistic rhetoric that you accuse others of using in order to divert attention from Thailand’s internal troubles. At first Thaksinophobes used a friendly approach towards Cambodia to accuse his confidants of treason, now Thaksinophobes use a hostile approach towards Cambodia to accuse him of being behind the border clashes. Ah, I forgot, Thaksin is behind all evils. I wonder when PAD will discover that he can also cause tsunamis, floods and droughts.

  12. 12 chinesethai 16 October 2008 at 2:38 am


    Where have you been? This is no longer the issue of Preah Vihear. Thailand has perpetually lost the sovereignty over Preah Vihear since it was listed on the World Heritage sites. It is the fallout from the Thai Foreign Ministry under Noppadon Pattama, who skipped critical demarcation agreement process and went hastily (or purposely?) to approve the Cambodia-proposed map, which may encompass not only the Temples that are in Thailand’s territory but also other temples, areas and parts of the Gulf of Thailand. Now Cambodia is claiming those areas as their sovereignty.

    Would you mind giving up some Ampers of Buriram, Sisaket, and Surin to Cambodia?

  13. 13 dooda 16 October 2008 at 3:42 am

    it wasn’t just Noppadon doing commando job signing a treaty which accpets the Cambodian drawn map. He had requested quick approval from Cabinet in a special session convened for that purpose. When questioned, some cabinet members at the time tried to shift the attention away from themselves by saying they don’t know much about these kind of agreements and stuff!

    also, Noppadon didn’t just skip demarcation process.. he skipped constitutional provision also!

  14. 14 Kjp 21 October 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Chinesethai and dooda and guys:
    I am not thai, i am just a rudimentary japanese-khmer who wants to share some ideas.

    I feel Thailand is enjoying way better democracy than Cambodia, that is what I admired a lot about Thaland. People can protest so long, and criticize freely. That wouldnt be possible in Cambodia.

    But going back to ur argumetns, dont you think your arguments were baseless?

    1- Do you think UNESCO wouldnt approve the listing of the temple as a world heritage site, without Thailand’s backing? You should do some research on the matter. The Unesco body decided to list the temple, even H.E.Pattama was there to remove his backing Cambodia. However the Unesco committee thought Thailand policy was vague and thus they ignored it. Plus, it was clear enought that Cambodia does need thailand backing to list the temple, but the Unesco just doesnt want thailand to lose face, because the ICJ ruled out that the temple belongs solely to Cambodia already.

    2- Do you even have the proof that Thaksin and Hun Sen have hidden agenda? It is just a rumor. And

    3- What does Cambodia gain from going to war with thailand? Remember that Thailand did just step in the disputed areas recently, but Cambodia was there ages ago. If you dont believe this, then I have nothing to say, but if cambodia is invading thailand, why doesnt thai government bring the issue to the international community? And ridiculous enough why are they filing complaint about the landmine to the UN instead? I hope you see my point.

    4- Please dont rely solely on thai media to judge things, because thai media are manipulating and quoting biased sources.
    please have a look at this:

    I hope you guys stop hating Cambodian, because hating your neighbors you will gain nothing but lose everything you have.

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