Melamine-tainted thai condensed milk : is someone -already- lying ?

Thai Public Health Ministry food and drug officials seized canned unsweetened condensed milk manufactured by a Thai firm from shelves throughout the country after the milk product was found to be contaminated with melamine far exceeding acceptable safety standards, Deputy Public Health Minister Vicharn Minchainant said on Wednesday.

The seizure was made after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was informed by the ministry’s Medical Sciences Department that tests found Mali brand condensed milk tins weighing 385 grammes with the expiry date of 160109 and manufactured by Thai Milk Industries Co., Ltd. to be melamine-tainted.

According to Mr. Vicharn, the particular lot of Mali milk contained 92.82 mg/kg of melamine, far exceeding the maximum safe level of 2.5 mg/kg.

Mali milk as well as other products using similar raw materials were recalled from stores nationwide, he said. FDA officials visited the company’s factory in Ayutthaya.

The company said it imported raw materials from Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Germany and India. (TNA)

And another report, from Bangkok Post.

The samples were taken from 150,000 cans of condensed milk produced with an expiry date of Jan 16 next year, said FDA secretary-general Pipat Yingseree.

[…]such high levels of melamine contamination can be lethal to consumers,

The FDA was also investigating where this particular product lot came from, since the company claims to import from many countries, including Australia, Belgium, India, New Zealand, Switzerland and Burma for manufacturing, he said.

So here we are : the melamine scandal started in China… and now a thai company has been caught with the fingers into the honey pot.

Let’s try to summarize :

-the thai company didn’t know nothing and the raw materials coming from Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Germany or India are to blame… Or even Burma ? In this case, where are the quality controls ? The thai company just take the raw materials from the trucks, mix them, and then sells its products without any controls ?

-they have the batch number of the tainted lot… it seems unlikely that this batch number used raw materials coming from all those countries… So why they can’t be more specific ? They should be able to say precisely which raw materials were used to produce this lot… That’s the whole idea of quality control and traceability.

-Until now, the melamine scandal is linked to… chinese milk and chinese products made with chinese raw materials. So ? Have we here the first case of a much broader scandal ?

-can we rely on those first reports ? Is someone already lying ?

1 Response to “Melamine-tainted thai condensed milk : is someone -already- lying ?”

  1. 1 Bedwyr 17 October 2008 at 2:10 am

    Of course someone is lying. This is Thailand.

    Thais lie as smoothly and as naturally as they draw breath TC. It is their option of first resort – even when there is no real need to lie, they lie.

    So daft question really.


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