E.T. phone home… Defense Ministry has opinion about… phone calls

The fascinating point with thai army generals (and we have many of them) is that they always have an opinion, wise of course, about anything and everything.

Let’s take General Apichart Phenkitti for instance, a super top brass, recently promoted as Permanent Secretary of Defence Ministry.

Like E.T. in the Spielberg’s movie, General Apichart seems obsessed with… phone calls.

Let’s consider this piece :

The impact of the first phone-in address was evident. So I urge Thaksin to think about it again,” General Apichart Phenkitti said.

“If he continues doing it this way, this matter will never end and more consequences will follow. That’s why I don’t want him to phone in again,” he added.

Apichart said he believed Thaksin’s supporters had learned many facts from his previous phone-in and were not so keen for more such addresses. “I don’t see any benefit of frequent phone-ins,” he said.

“I can’t tell him what to do. If he thinks it’s beneficial to phone in, he has the right to do so. I can’t prohibit him from doing so,” said the general. (Nation)

His last sentence is indeed a light of common sense : nobody can prohibit Thaksin to make a… phone call indeed ! 😉

However, and despite this fact, our general has an opinion about the opportunity of phone calls… and also about the content or benefits of phone calls. 😉

You see, we are making circles there.

And what about the breeding of black swans in aboriginal culture ? General Apichart should have, must have an opinion about this very important issue too.

Or is Thaksin his only center of interest ? Or are his opinions linked to gross… politics ? Nah… of course not.

Then General Apichart should enlight us with his opinions about Thaksin’s hair cut, Thaksin’s underwear colors, Thaksin’s favorite perfume, and of course Thaksin’s way of cooking som tam.

Indeed, brothers and sisters… the thai people, and probably the entire world, need to know what General Apichart thinks about anything and everything.

1 Response to “E.T. phone home… Defense Ministry has opinion about… phone calls”

  1. 1 Bedwyr 14 November 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Thailand is an odd place. Sort of through the looking glass really.

    take the utterances of the soldiers. Now in most civilised countries soldiers take orders. In Thailand they apparently involve themselves in politics.

    Someone should point out Mark Twain’s excellent advice. “bette tto remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and temove all doubt”.

    In other words, apart from being fat, lazy, incompetent and corrupt, the good General should learn how to shut the fuck up.


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