The PAD steps up the agitprop and closes Suvarnabhumi Airport


One step further… And a very bold one. The PAD steps up its agitprop actions.

By closing Suvarnabhumi Airport, the international airport of Bangkok, the PAD hits where it hurts, a lot, without any doubt.

The government’s “cushion tactic” is going to be impossible to follow. This tactic is perfect for the Government House (occupied since end of august)… but with Suvarnabhumi it’s just impossible.

It’s unbelievable that a bunch of PAD supporters can frighten the people in charge there and provoke the closing of such a key and vital location.

The government must react. Now.


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17 Responses to “The PAD steps up the agitprop and closes Suvarnabhumi Airport”

  1. 1 Wrongfred 26 November 2008 at 3:12 am

    I like reading your blog, but I am not sure why you hate the PAD so much. Personally I think that the PAD surely has some skeletons in the closet too, but I think they are the only one who are really resisting the Thaksin crony government, which won the election do to buying. I know in Europe when strikes happen, they block the post, public transportation etc too. I think they are trying to use the most effective weapon to achieve their goals.

  2. 2 chinesethai 26 November 2008 at 5:21 am

    The army is not likely to intervene as Gen Anupong might have been paid up to 50 million baht to stay put. PAD will be disappointed calling for the army.

  3. 3 ThaiCrisis 26 November 2008 at 5:28 am

    Well I don’t “hate” the PAD. I just think that they are “not up to the task”. I don’t like their absurd rethoric (one man = one vote = but not really…), the cult of personality they use, etc.

    But let me reassure you : I don’t like Thaksin’s friend neither. A lot. 😉

    That’s my position since the beginning : all those people, left or right, do not deserve any respect. They are the gravediggers of Thailand.

    As for the agitprop, sure closing the airport is efficient. But we can be a little bit concerned… if we take the example of the Government House… They can’t allow the PAD to block Suva for 3 months…

  4. 4 ray 26 November 2008 at 5:46 am

    well tc like u said this is a very bold move by pad. whether it is check-mate or no we have to wait and see. the reprecussions of this move will be felt thru out 2009.we also have to remember that we still have the udd (red group ) as well. they might also come out and then we might have a full scale anarchy. amidst all this the only winner is thaksin. he has managed to hurt thailand alot. right now one one is in control. not he govt,military,police no one, except the big bankers. i have followed the pad protest for 2 years now and i do beieve they are trying to cajole the junta to stage a coup but i think that time has come and gone.

  5. 5 Wrongfred 26 November 2008 at 6:13 am

    Probably the Thaksin gang will emerge as the real victors of this whole mess, because more and more people are annoyed by the PAD’s actions. There is no real solidarity by the Thaksin haters.

    In my office we have enough loudmouths who complained about Thaksin and support the PAD and his cronies, but know they whine around beacuase the PAD is causing traffic jams. There is nothing more scary for me than hypcocrites.

  6. 6 chinesethai 26 November 2008 at 6:28 am


    You’re right. Jakrapop Penkair and Veera Musikapong are calling for UDD to assemble at Sanam Luang. I don’t need to tell you what they are going to do next.

    HMK must act decisively now. To call for unity between 2 sides will be a waste of time since Pro-Thaksin camp has indicated many times that they are hostile to the Royal Palace and Thailand’s national interest.

  7. 7 chinesethai 26 November 2008 at 7:40 am


    How can I post pictures of the Red-Yellow clash on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road yesterday? I have tried posting the links many times. Did you moderate them or they get automatically screened out by the system?

  8. 8 Bedwyr 26 November 2008 at 7:47 am


    Perhaps it would be useful to ask who is really behind PAD. Pulling the strings.
    The unseen hand.

    Once this is understood, the real nature of Thai politics becomes clear.


  9. 9 Bedwyr 26 November 2008 at 7:50 am

    As I understand it the airports and Chiang Mai and Pattaya are also closed. perhaps Pukhet as well?


  10. 10 dooda 26 November 2008 at 7:55 am

    i been told that at 18.00 hrs a state of emergency will be declared but i don’t know whether that is just rumor or not, let’s see.

  11. 11 ThaiCrisis 26 November 2008 at 7:56 am

    ->CT : any link should appear normally.
    try with

  12. 12 ThaiCrisis 26 November 2008 at 8:00 am

    -Dooda : I think the situation is a big “rumors producing machine”… So we shall remain cautious.

    My belief : the gvt has to do something. So something is going to happen.

    It’s one thing to appear smart and to use the “pillow tactic”, it’s another thing to appear totally weak by doing nothing at all.

    The border between those 2 points is very thin…

    They are walking on eggs, sure, but they can let the PAD occupies, a la Government House style, Suvarnabhumi Airport…

  13. 13 Wrongfred 26 November 2008 at 8:22 am

    Well, Bedwyr could you perhaps give us a hint who could be behind the PAD. There are rumors that these are very influential people who have been cornered by Thaksin. I personally know a person who is a member of one of Thailand’s richest family and they hate him like hell.

  14. 14 Wrongfred 26 November 2008 at 8:33 am

    Hi Chinesethai! I have heard many times that the core members of the Thaksin camp do not respect the royal family and are working to sideline the monarchy. Unfortunately most of the PPP voters do not seem to understand this.

  15. 15 chinesethai 26 November 2008 at 11:24 am


    First, I need to reintroduce myself that I am not royalist but, like many others, I see it through that Thaksin is the clear and present danger to the country now.

    Thaksin is very instrumental when he conveys each message. Take his most recent phone-in at the Rajamangkala Stadium as an example. On the surface, he sounded very loyal to the Monarch as he asked for a royal pardon. But if listened carefully and his behaviours put into perspective, he was challenging HMK. Unfortunately, not all PPP voters would be capable to see the point. I myself need quite a substantial amount of time trying to understand some of the frauds Thaksin committed because they are complicated and involve technical aspects. Almost like a rocket science. This guy is freaking genious but in evil way.

  16. 16 ray 26 November 2008 at 1:20 pm

    chinesethai , i fully agree with yr last post. thaksin was challenging hmk. it was royal pardon or else (power of red group)! i live in samui and my friend from udonthani (who also lives in samui) tells me that that people from isaan really love thaksin. why? because he gave them money. plain and simple! when the region is in trouble he actually distributed money. its our tax baht ( i know) but thaksin made the bahts available to them. thaksin has been challenging hmk since the beginning of his second term. chakaphob/veera have been pushing the enveope ever since. chakaphob even stated ( in press conf. with foreign reporters) that he would like to see war of people. translation people for hmk vs people for republic of thailand. most of thaksin cronies were former communists and have always had a grudge agains privy council prem. this thing is far from over.

  17. 17 Bedwyr 27 November 2008 at 1:34 am

    Of course he was challenging HMK, he still wants to be the 1st President of Thailand when HMK is no more. That is why this shit is so dangerous; the stakes are very high. Anyone thinks that Thaksin as first el presidente would not purge the shit out of the Bangkok elite is just naive.

    However, the real wuestion is this: forget the Bangkok elite (who have had their snouts n the trough for way too long anyway. Would Thaksin benefit the majority of Thais? Same as Ferdinand Marcos did. The strategy is effective, which is why PAD and their sponsor is so keen to have an appointed government. Can;t let the poor have a say, nonono, they are just so… *poor*.


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