Chart, prices of gasoline, diesel : the great Niagara Falls

I know you don’t give a rat shit about prices of fuels right now, due to the current political situation. And I do know that you’re all waiting for… the Coup. 😉

But I wanted to talk about a good news, at last. 😉


Look at this amazing Niagara Falls ! That’ s the good point with PTT : they follow the world prices of crude oil, like a mother is following her child. We can’t say the same in Europe, where oils companies… take much longer to adjust downward their prices…

Peak was reached on july 3 with 1 liter of diesel at 44,24 THB (21,04 THB today…) !

Other point to remember : end of july, the Samak gvt gave a tax cuts on diesel and gasohol (for 6 months).

Anyway. It’s a great relief for common people. Now, we could argue… there are bad points : lower prices = higher consumption = higher imports = higher trade deficit

But I don’t want to spoil your day. 😉

1 Response to “Chart, prices of gasoline, diesel : the great Niagara Falls”

  1. 1 Dr. Donald S. Persons 19 December 2008 at 2:38 am

    It is important to understand the overall situation when looking at oil prices. According to Thai Government’s Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), energy is being used by three main sectors: Industry (38%), transportation (36%) and Other (26%, presumably Bangkok’s Air Conditioning units top of the list in this category). No wonder the government of Samak S. was so willing to write off the cost of energy of very small domestic consumers…the farmers and the poor, since it represents such a small percentage of use. Where does Thailand’s energy come from? According to the same source: Natural gas (67%) Lignite (12%), coal (9%) oil (2%), Hydro (5%) power imports (3%) and others (2%). With the carbon footprint of Thailand rated at 22nd in the world, and the government in paralysis over the future of energy here, it seems like alternative advantages for Thailand (lots of sun, lots of wind and lots of water) are likely to remain dormant for the forseeable future. Oil companies needn’t worry about losing the Thai market just yet. People here don’t like changes that make more sense.

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