Grenade attack against PAD at Government House : 20 injured

A bomb exploded inside Thailand’s Government House compound at 11.50pm on Saturday, wounding more than 20 of anti-government protesters.

People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) reported about 20 people injured, of which three are in serious condition.

The bomb, reportedly M79 type, exploded just 200 metres away from the PAD’s main stage inside the Government House.

The injured people are sent to Vajira and Ramathibodi hospitals.

There were another explosion at ASTV station on Phra Arthit Road at 00.15 on Sunday morning, just around 25 minutes away from the attack at Government House.

Two bombs are reportedly exploded at the ASTV office. Witnesses also heard the gunfire lasting about 10 minutes. No injury was reported. (Nation)

Such “incident” occurs now daily. Since tuesday, we can note that ASTV is a target “de choix”.

And the M79 grenade launcher is becoming really… iconic…

Later in the night :

A bomb exploded near a bunker made of tyres at the Don Mueang Airport early Sunday.

The explosion occurred at 3:55 am at the main entrance to the passenger terminal.

Before the explosion occurred, about 7 gunshots were heard from the direction of a warehouse deeper inside the airport compound. No one was injured in the explosion. (Nation)

I think that those attacks achieve absolutly nothing and do not scare PAD’s people… on the contrary. It reinforces their idea that the “government is a murderer”, it reinforces their victimization.

Sanity starts to disappear within the Bermuda Triangle.

1 Response to “Grenade attack against PAD at Government House : 20 injured”

  1. 1 chinesethai 30 November 2008 at 3:40 am

    The wounded number now rise to over 50.

    ThaiCrisis, may I ask you straightforward, aren’t you afraid of being viewed as partisan, leaning towards PAD, reporting the incidence?

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