Abhisit government : list of the Frankenstein ministers and first critics


Nation has the official list, with the name of the party for each minister. Very enlightening.

Here are the positions given to Newin Friends (the MPs who betrayed the ex-PPP and changed allegiance).

Deputy Agriculture Minister : Chartchai Pukkayaporn

-Transport Minister : Sophon Saram
-Deputy Transport Minister : Prajak Kaewklahan

-Interior Minister : Chaovarat Chanweerakul
-Deputy Interior Minister : Boonjong Wongtrairat

Very, very substantial payout for 25 MPs… Those are not ministerial portfolios anymore, but slot machines ! 😉 Well done Abhisit.

As someone said : “Many ministers were MPs that the Democrats voted to expel “. Indeed.

But there is more. Abhisit said that he would take “outsiders“, like the best and the brightest Kennedy (sorry Obama) style… At the end, we have only… two ! On a total of 36 Cabinet’s members.

And among them a former Army C-in-C , close to the 2006 coup makers, nominated… Defense Minister.

Talk about “outsiders” !

But there is more. The Foreign Affairs Ministry goes to Kasit Piromya… an ex-supporter and speech-maker of the PAD. You know what this guy said about the blockade of the airport ? That it was a “new innovation for public protests“. 😉

Well done Abhisit. So much for the idea of boosting tourism and restoring Thailand’s image and confidence after the Suvarnabhumi nightmare.

Last but not least : the problem of private… business interests. Here it hurts too. Some people start to complain

Dr Lertchai Sirichai, a lecturer at Walailak University, praised Democrat Party Phattalung MP Nipit Intarasombat for his public disclosure of the financial support given to the party by business tycoon Virachai Virameteekul, who is tipped to join the Abhisit Cabinet.

Virachai Virameteekul has been nominated minister of the Prime Minister’s Office… Virachai is an executive of the… Charoen Pokphand Group.

CP is the largest business conglomerate in Thailand. Apparently, CP group was a financial “contributor” for… the PAD. 😉

So to summarize : Abhisit is a joke. And a liar. And a prisoner.

Prisoner from his shameful Frankenstein Coalition

Information and Communications Technology Minister : Miss Ranongruk Suwanchawee. Another very good joke from Abhisit. She was Deputy Finance Minister under… Samak. She’s a fan of the VAT and Google (but she was… a nurse in a previous life).

I even had an article about her (march 2008, read here). Here is a quote.

To a question regarding VAT and its impact on the poors, she said :

“I think the VAT is quite fair. It’s just the tourists who pay, don’t they ? Other people don’t have any problem”…

“I am trying to learn everything that is under my responsability. As soon as I learned about my appointment, I did a search on the Internet to see what the Finance Ministry actually does”. (Bangkok Post)

Do you see the level ? I mean do you see the FREAKING LEVEL ?

(But it could have been much worse : first, her party wanted to give her the… Industry Ministry !)

So there is no doubt : Abhisit is a clown. He has to be a pathetic clown to give a Ministry to this woman.

Beyond the quota system, beyond the fact that the Democrat Party has to pay a heavy price for the defectors (despite repeated Abhisit’s lies)… there must be limits to black humor.

Ranongruk as the ICT Minister is the proof that Abhisit doesn’t really understand those limits.

I hope that our new Prime Minister will quickly join his peers… Thaksin, Surayud, Samak, Somchai and all the clowns, into the History’s garbage bin.

But there is more.

Commerce Minister : Miss Pornthiva Nakasai. Here, I would be tempted to say : “respect”. She is indeed in the trade. I mean linked to commerce. Because… she was running the Poseidon massage parlour in Bangkok. Do you know what is Poseidon ?

Next time, drop over. You’ll receive a lesson… in commerce. You’ll have to choose between the “super”, the “sideline” or the “models”. Hard life. 😉

And like AbBKK said : we can already feel the… bubbles. And the soap.

14 Responses to “Abhisit government : list of the Frankenstein ministers and first critics”

  1. 1 tom_bkk 21 December 2008 at 12:50 am


    Ranongruk Suwanchawee is also on board again – she served already under Samak and Somchai (Deputy Finance Minister). She became famous with her statements on VAT and Web-Research about what to do at a financial ministry. Now she heads the ministry of ICT …

  2. 2 Bedwyr 21 December 2008 at 2:57 am

    Well, the signs are not good I will agree.

    Abhisit bears all the signs of conforming to the time-honoured Thai approach of talking a good game, knowing (and counting on it) that when the time comes to providing results, nobody will remember what you said or promised.

    One other thing that rings true of this approach is his comment on PAD having to be accountable. Five gets you ten that nothing more than talk will actually happen, the hands that really pull the strings are not going to stop pulling just because we have a new man with a nice haircut who promises all sorts of stuff to keep the plebs happy.

    It’s like making patterns in porridge with a spoon. You might think you have done something nice, you can certainly tell everyone how nice it is and what a great job you are doing of creating change, but when you look back, the porridge has quietly closed over the tracks and all is exactly the same as it was.

    The only thing that will change this mess is a serious upheaval, followed by a systematic dismantling of the old guard and the old ways of corruption, deception, double-speak and dishonesty – the Thais favoured weapons of choice. Ain’t gonna happen short of an apocalypse. Which is why an apocalypse in inevitable.


  3. 3 A.F. 21 December 2008 at 3:26 am

    Talk about turnabout: at long last the monsters are taking up torches and going after the villagers. And people say there’s no innovation in Thailand…

  4. 4 chinesethai 21 December 2008 at 4:10 am

    I think Abhisit made a good decision on appointing Kasit Piromya. His portfolio is excellent. The fact that he marched with PAD should not be regarded as an impediment to politics because he has the right to do so. Do you want to see someone like these people appointed instead? Infamous Noppadon Pattama, Thaksin’s former spokesman, or Sompong Amornvivat, a clown who came to the position in the last resort because they were desperate to find a capable person within PPP camp and all the outsiders declined to work with them.

    As for the Defense Ministerial post, it is just impossible to appoint someone distance away from either Pro or Anti-Thaksin faction in the army. The other way is for the PM to take the defense post like Samak did. Again it would draw even more criticism.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    In a good light, you should give a fair mark for Abhisit. With his squeaky clean background, he is ready to jump into the muddy waters at the very height of political and economic crises, a Frankenstein situation indeed, knowing that he may not get out as clean as when he got in. We shall applaud him for his beginning.

  5. 5 chinesethai 21 December 2008 at 4:20 am

    :::In case you are not aware of:::
    The UDD Red Shirts announced their own rally to be held on Dec 28 in Bangkok. Their branch in Udornthani led by a radio host Kwanchai Praipana has issued a violence threat against Abhisit, had he ever visited the province, which they claim to be “their turf”.

  6. 6 fall 21 December 2008 at 1:18 pm

    Now we have Kasit as FM, let’s declare war on the Khmer and claim back that what-ever-piece-of-rock. Also, let’s take back every land lost to us by birth right when forced to sign a deal that ward-off being colonized.
    Long live the True Thai blood! For the Fatherland! Thousand years Thai!

    As for Commerce Minister, if only Chuwit still stick with Banharn…

  7. 7 tom_bkk 21 December 2008 at 2:46 pm


    I slightly disagree with you on this:

    >> The fact that he marched with PAD should not be regarded as an impediment to politics because he has the right to do so

    He has the right, to do it yes – but then a nomination for the foreign ministry should not happen …

    Under the thai constitution the aiport issue is an act of terrorism! If it is to repair the image, this nomination is displaced – even without any court involvment yet!

    The time will show how sustainable is his portfolio – on some position I have some concerns…

  8. 8 chinesethai 21 December 2008 at 2:47 pm


    Big applause to your fanciful imagination! Perhaps you wish that he would do otherwise -surrendering all the ancient temples in Surin, Buriram, Chacherngsao, and Sisaket to the Khmer?

  9. 9 chinesethai 21 December 2008 at 3:05 pm

    But the Abhisit administration may not last long. One of the PAD members has brought to the constitution court the issue of the status of the ex-PPP MPs, including Friends of Nevin and PTP factions.

    If those MPs are ruled out of status, Thailand may get an appointed caretaker government in the end.

  10. 10 chinesethai 22 December 2008 at 2:51 am


    “Under the thai constitution the aiport issue is an act of terrorism!”

    Good point but if this is the case….

    1) Why has one of the UDD Red Shirts members (Weng Tojirakarn) not included Kasit Piromya in the lawsuit?

    2) According to Thailand’s Civil Aviation Act, an act of terrorism must fall into at least one of the following:

    2.1) Assault on personnel or airline passengers, tourists, or anybody that results in injuries or deaths
    (Fact: None of the tourists were assaulted, injured or killed. Indeed, it is one PAD members who were killed by a rocket grenade attack at Donmuang.)

    2.2) Destroy or cause serious damages to airport’s facilities, resulting in service disruption.
    (Fact: No serious damages to facilities were made as it was obvious that the Airport was quickly reopen with one day while many speculated it could take 1-2 weeks. Click here.


    PAD protested completely outside the passenger hall. They claim that pictures from CCTV tape have been acquired as proof. There were reports that it is the Airport Director who ordered total shutdown of the airport. Again, this is the problem that must be contested in court.

    In conclusion, the appointment of Kasit Piromya to the post is not a problem.

    And this is not related to you, tom_bkk.

    I urge all the foreigners here to be open-minded to all sides of information. I am sick of some foreigners and foreigner wannabes distorting facts and trying to influence the situation in this country according to their hidden agenda, not because I love the King so much, but because you while enjoying livelihood on this land have no respect for it and the innocent people who have perished fighting for justice.

  11. 11 A.F. 22 December 2008 at 3:34 am

    Both Reuters and AP are continuing to soft-peddle Mrs. Pornthiwa’s background.

    “New Thai cabinet faces flak on many fronts”
    By Nopporn Wong-Anan (Additional reporting by Pracha Hariraksapitak)

    “‘People who will be handling economic ministries must be professionally accepted. They must not be rookies,’ [Board of Trade chairman] Pramon [Sutivong] said, singling out Industry and Commerce as particular areas for concern.”

    “The proposed ministers have backgrounds in nursing and running cocktail lounges respectively, but come from the minor parties propping up his slender parliamentary majority.”

    “Thailand’s new government endorsed by king”

    “Abhisit also appointed the wives of two Thaksin allies who received five-year bans from politics after the 2006 coup. Commerce Minister Pornthiwa Nakasai used to manage cocktail lounges owned by her family, and Information Minister Ranongrak Suwanchawee is a former nurse. ”

    Cocktail Lounges? Calling the Poseidon massage parlour a cocktail lounge is like calling an aircraft carrier a floating mess hall and points up an astonishing degree of journalistic malfeasance.

  12. 12 tom_bkk 22 December 2008 at 12:31 pm


    Of course they been INSIDE the passengers terminal! Not only that hundred of pictures show it, i also so saw it by myself! They blocked additional major connecting road with armed people …!

    Please check §13512 and 3 in your law books … it says something about sieges of infrastructures and economic damages…!

  13. 13 chinesethai 26 December 2008 at 5:24 am

    Listen to the conversation between Kasit Piromya and Daily Telegraph journalist here.


    The journalist did a superficial job of covering only a minor part of his long statement.

    I am so shocked. Like their economies, western standard of journalism is pathetic.

  14. 14 Simon 29 December 2008 at 12:23 pm

    I think Thais are the only ones who don’t understand that by making a brothel owner commerce minister and a PAD-supporter foreign minister they are making themselves even more the laughing stock of the world than they alread are.
    Do you really expect that foreign ministers could be expected to discuss economy with a Mamasan ? Please.

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