Thaiwonderland : Abhisit extends the “Samak Package”, but changes its name


You wanted change ? With “Obamark“, yes we can’t ! 😉

The first real decision of Abhisit is like his hair cut : glossy but fragile. A perfect executive summary of the policies the new government will pursue…

The council of economic ministers on Wednesday decided to extend Samak Sundaravej government’s economic stimulus package for another six months.

The six economic stimulus measures were originally set to expire at the end of this month, but the council decided to give them, except the reduction in fuel excise tax, an extension for six months.

This means that as of next month the old rates of excise tax will be enforcible but steps will be taken to make sure that the prices will not go up sharply in one go, said Deputy Prime Minister Kobsak Sabhavasu.

Other stimulus measures such as free bus and train rides and subsidies for water and electricity charges will be retained but are subjected to adjustments to make sure that only the low-income people benefit from them, said Mr Kobsak. (Bangkok Post)

What was “designed” (ah ah ah) by Samak as a tool against an explosive inflation… is repackaged as… a “stimulus” by Abhisit 6 months after…

It’s pathetic.

At least they have decided to remove the totally stupid (and very costly) diesel subsidy.

1 Response to “Thaiwonderland : Abhisit extends the “Samak Package”, but changes its name”

  1. 1 chinesethai 7 January 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Yeah, at least they removed the totally stupid diesel subsidy. It shows that they do prioritize.

    Free electricity and water charges already have no real effect on people’s pockets because in reality no households can meet the minimum threshold anyway. While free bus and train rides are only limited to some routes costing little to the government’s purse.

    To announce a sudden scrap of the programs would be politically incorrect. So they had better gradually be fading them out.

    It is totally psychological!

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